How do you choose between your lover and your family?

Mark wiens


In a relationship between a man and a woman, two people who love each other sometimes encounter such an emotional conflict.

And I'm scratching my head.

That is the person you love, the family can not accept, even very ostracized!

As the saying goes, you can't have your cake and eat it. When faced with a dilemma, how do you choose your family and loved ones?

In fact, in the face of such a situation, or to specific problem specific analysis!

A person can have their own judgment, also can not be pushy!

Partial listening is dark listening, the road is ultimately to choose their own, sometimes is kneeling all have to go!

No. 1: Lover

In real life, if there is a conflict between your lover and your family, it really depends on your lover's attitude.

If you really love you, you will find a way to buffer the relationship with your family, and the most effective way to solve this conflict is to face it correctly.

Those who love you will have the courage and responsibility to bear.

Rather than leaving the problem to you to choose and face alone.

In addition, about the love of people, in addition to love him, whether really see each other, understand each other.

The objection of the family is not gratuitously, from the objection of the family, to see the truth.

After all, there is no relationship in this world more reliable than blood ties.

Parents won't hurt you, and they won't make decisions for you at the expense of your happiness.

As the saying goes, a parent's love for a child goes far, so parents should also listen to their advice.

The feelings of not being blessed by parents is a difficult road. Go to have no regrets, go wrong will be very painful.

Number two: Family

Family, always family.

Love, but not always love.

But even so.

Men and women go to the end, can depend on each other or their other half.

After all, parents can't accompany us all the time, even children grow up will have their own life.

The rest of your life is ultimately a journey you have to make yourself.

Some words can listen to parents, but not all parents say to obey.

Happiness is ultimately in our own hands, and our own judgment is the most important.

Especially for women, in the issue of marriage, even parents do not oppose, may face a dilemma.

Make the wrong choice, and your parents will live the rest of their lives.

Make the right choice, and everyone will be happy.

In addition, your lover eventually becomes your family, which is your home for the rest of your life.

Smart people, understand the concept of home, understand the balance between home and home.

It is often stupid people, will fall, do not take into account, eventually ended up empty-handed, black and blue.

Third: and

The choice between lover and family is itself a trade-off.

People who truly love you will try to make such a trade-off and pursue a "balance".

As the saying goes, harmony benefits both, while separation hurts both.

It is a good choice to seek common ground while reserving small differences.

It takes two people to work together.

Once one party is not trying, it is time to consider whether to give up.

After all, the two of them will face more difficulties and setbacks than just parents' problems in the future.

If there is no ability and courage to fight side by side, the feelings are not far away after all.

Between the family, can not let one sacrifice, to fulfill their own. Mutual concessions, is the best.

It is wise to find the right balance to solve the problem.

Only if both sides work hard to go, will there be the significance of sticking to it, will be more aware of whether the feeling is worth it.

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