Get along with both sexes, have these feelings, is emotional

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Nowadays, there are more and more single women, most people think their demands are too high, that's why they are always single. However, I have a good friend once told me that it is not my demands that are high, but that I have never met the right person. Sometimes, when someone shows up next to you, how do you know if they're the right person? Women have these kinds of "feeling", even if it is really emotional, encounter a good cherish it.

He not only moves you, but also makes you feel at ease

When you have a inexplicable good feeling for a person, the first is to their own heart. However, a relationship cannot be supported by the heart alone. When a person makes you feel at ease, when you feel at ease being with them, then you are in love with them.

This calmness will make you trust him a lot. You don't always worry about losing this person in doubt, but trust this person. You are sure that you are the only one in his heart, that he is exclusive to you, and that even though he is on good terms with the opposite sex, he is not a threat to you.

Also, you are very monogamous in your relationship. There is no room in your heart for anyone else. You want to get along with this person and spend the rest of your life with them.

There was more joy than sorrow with him, and he made you look forward to the future

When you are with one person, you will always be troubled by something, and the other person will always make you feel very dissatisfied in some way; And you always want him to become the way you like, then you are too fond of this person, maybe just suitable, but absolutely no feelings.

Then, if the presence of a person makes you happy from the outside to the inside, you will be happy every minute you spend with him; Even if you do nothing, even if you sit quietly, playing mobile phones with each other, your heart will be happy, because the person sitting next to you is the person you like.

He will make you feel very happy. Life together is more happy than sad. You often think about your future and look forward to it.

Since you fell in love with him, you like yourself even more

Many people will gradually lose themselves in their relationship, in order to be like the person they like, they will become modest and lose their personality. To put it bluntly, this is not the right guy.

Love should be an equal relationship. It's the progress and achievement of two people together, you can be yourself and live a more authentic life;

You don't have to hide your feelings and personality, and you don't have to compromise to suit the other person. Instead, you will like yourself better.

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