Relationship: The best love, is equal

Mark wiens


Men and women together, like cooperation between two parties, is a comprehensive strength of consideration, pay attention to parity.

Always think that love can break the secular, what can not care, but together for a long time will find that the strength of the disparity between the two sides, will become emotional barriers, difficult to overcome.

We are used to thinking that love is enough for two people to love each other.

Little do you know, these are far from enough!

Sometimes it is the right love, in the time wasted years, can not withstand the test and test,

Not to mention two people who aren't on the same level.

If the gap is not obvious, it is fine. If the gap is too large, the obvious imbalance will be a torment to everyone.

Too weak side will humble, too strong side will bear more.

No. 1: The economy

In the relationship between men and women, both men and women, as long as one party in the economic income is too high, it is easy to cause two people in the status of inequality.

People who make more money have a sense of superiority in the invisible, and the party who makes less money will also appear very weak.

It does not mean that two people do not love each other, but this kind of economic gap, will reveal a variety of uncomfortable in getting along.

For example, in spending money, people who make more money will form a gap with those who do not make money in consumption view.

People who make money can spend three or two thousand dollars a time without batting an eye.

But for people who make less money, it's a month's wage.

This kind of psychological inequality is the biggest obstacle and problem in getting along.

No. 2: Competence

People are different, have the ability of strong people, there are weak people.

If two people are together, the other person is very capable, and what they do is liked and praised by others.

And the ability to do things weak people will have a sense of inferiority in the invisible.

Is not to say what, the ability of weak people will be particularly sensitive on the nerve, a little improper communication, it is possible to break out conflict, quarrel.

Even, in many cases, weak people will feel inferior to themselves as a drag. This kind of negative pressure sometimes easily breaks the sweet love between two people.

This disparity in ability will make two people more and more tired together!

A person in all, a person is still complaining about nothing!

Strong people are suffering, weak people are complaining, in grievance!

No matter how hard you try, you can't find a fulcrum that can balance your relationship.

No. 3: Value

People live in this world, in addition to making money, the realization of personal value is equally important!

If there is a huge gap between two people's values, then two people will take completely different paths.

What I want to give, you don't want. You can't give me what I want.

Some people value the realization of self, like to gallop to the battlefield, in the career to obtain the satisfaction of life.

Some people are different, more pursuit of life on the warmth, the desire for material is not so strong.

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