The secret to a long relationship

Mark wiens


Why is the relationship between the sexes concerned? For thousands of years, literature and art regard the love between the sexes as the main axis of eulogy. The topic of sexual relationships has been around since the dawn of man, so to speak.

In fact, the relationship together, need both "quantity" balance in order to long-term.

In the reality of marriage, pay attention to the family, the strength is comparable, but most marriage is indeed, such as equal education, similar age, family strength is comparable, have a common three views, in fact, three views is also the product of the growth environment, what kind of family environment can produce what kind of three views, and family environment is simply family wealth, strength status, family pedigree, Education level, a farmer's children and a big family to cultivate the three values may be different, is this reason.

However, in reality, there are also two people who are not quite equal on the surface, or there is a big gap between them, such as huge age gap, huge wealth gap, huge social status gap and huge cultural gap.

These huge gap of two people come together, married, some also a lifetime, why can go on for a long time.

There is a "quantity" problem, that is, the "volume" of both sides, which is comprehensive. Although two people differ greatly in some aspects, their "volume" is still the same. If not, they may not be able to go on. That's why so many people get married and then split up.

For example, in today's society, the age matching. There are many men and many women, and the women are young and beautiful. It seems that the men cannot match the women, but the men have high social status, huge family wealth, or profound knowledge and ability, so that the two sides are equal in size. Similarly, the marriage where the woman is older than the man is the same. Although the young meat is fresh and tender, the woman has the strength, financial resources and ability. The comprehensive evaluation is that both sides have the same "volume".

The reason why the two people who got married looked very well matched and then went their separate ways is actually the reason for the imbalance of "volume". The reason is that both sides fail to move forward at the same time. The man becomes more competent, makes more money, and makes more social contacts, while the woman still stagnates. Or perhaps the woman becomes more knowledgeable, meets more excellent people, or becomes more competent, and the "size" of each other changes.

So how do you make a long-term relationship work?

You need to move forward synchronously, synchronously in volume, for example, both sides grow together over time, if one side is moving forward, one side changes volume, and the other side remains unchanged, this relationship may not last long.

Therefore, in a long-term relationship, both sides need to "quantity" balance, "quantity" equal. That's the secret to a long marriage.

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