Relationships: What does it mean when two people become married?

Mark wiens


In the relationship between men and women, many people want to fall in love, want to get married, want to be husband and wife, want to last forever.

But sometimes think, but do not understand the truth of becoming husband and wife. But those who don't want to get married know better what it means to be married.

Not experienced, the more want to go in.

Is experienced, all want to come out, even don't want to go in.

As the Siege says, the people in the city want to go out, and the people outside the city want to go in.

So, what does it mean for two people to become husband and wife? It means to walk into a besieged city. The meaning of it still needs to be tasted and understood by oneself.

First, it means a community of shared future

Men and women become husband and wife, in fact, it means a community of common destiny.

Two people breathe together, share the fate.

If you can't do that, you're either having a bad time or you're divorced.

Husband and wife relationship, not love relationship, can be capricious.

When two people get married, it means that two families get married, it means that the relationship is more complicated, and sometimes you can't separate it just because you want to.

Especially with a child of the couple, this kind of inextricable ties, it is easy to let a person into the irreversible pain.

So, before becoming a couple, two people need to be ready to be together.

Just like the promise of two people before marriage, never abandon, help each other to the old.

Cherish this special fate, both men and women, to uphold a prosperous, mutually destructive attitude to marriage.

Do not dislike, do not abandon, common progress, common growth.

two, ​​​​​​​It means starting a family

In the intercourse of men and women, both men and women, once married, must have the concept of home.

It is said that men have a family and a career, and women also want to have a family for a home!

Home, is a collective, collective need is a common strength.

For both men and women, don't leave everything to each other and let it go.

And don't feel wronged for your sacrifice.

For the honor of the collective, for the prosperity of the family, we must know how to pay!

Therefore, both husband and wife should have this sense of collective, together to live a good life is the effort and goal.

No matter which party, once lazy, or give up, the family is likely to fall apart.

It is said that it is easy to build a family and difficult to defend it. In fact, the small family of husband and wife is also so. We must redouble our efforts and cherish it.

Don't act on emotion, not to mention divorce at every turn.

Third: It means responsibility and mission

Men and women, once married and married, it means that the husband and wife to shoulder their own responsibilities and missions.

It may sound like a storm in a teacup to many people, but if you can't face up to your responsibilities and mission, it's easy to muddle through life and play a good hand.

As the saying goes, nothing can be accomplished without rules. If a couple has clear responsibilities and goals, it is easier for the family to overcome the better.

Otherwise, a woman will complain and feel that a man does not care about his family.

A man will feel that he has been hard enough outside and tired, and can not rest at home, but also depends on the face of a woman.

In short, when you are clear about your responsibilities, you will not have to rely on and complain about each other.

Having your own mission makes it easier to do what you're supposed to do well, even excellently.

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