Sexual intercourse, learn these few tips, women will chase you

Mark wiens


The more difficult it is for a woman to get a man, the more she will cherish it. If you create the effect of a rare commodity, a woman will surely feel like a treasure when she gets it.

First, seize the opportunity

During the holidays and festivals, when women meet in large groups, the need for marriage will be released in a short period of time. If you and the woman know each other, and the woman is slightly attracted to you, or has a relationship foundation, you are already in the right place. Whenever you make a connection with a woman around the holidays, show your affection, like light a fuse. In the face of women who do not know everything about the blind date, you are relatively familiar and intimate, it is just like the moon near the water first, especially when women face the pressure of their parents to get married, domestic troubles and foreign troubles are very likely to prompt women to chase you. Women would rather have free love with you, rather than participate in the future of the blind date, for women is that you come early, not as good as coincidence, chasing you is a woman's statement.

Two, categorize

If a woman does not like to take advantage of a man, try to not owe a man two, two do not meet, and reciprocate, you need to pay for women step by step, so that women owe you, do not easily let a woman write off the gratitude owed to you, presumably women feel it is difficult to repay, it is very likely to be a date of marriage, At least women will take your hands short, eat your mouth soft. If a woman especially like to take a man's small advantage, and do not want to eat a tiny bit of loss, so you need to guide women to pay, when women feel unwilling, it is very likely to chase you, chase you not because of other, but because you want to give back with interest, let women pay is willing to hook the rhythm.

Third, create attraction

It has become an indisputable fact that women are outwardly pursued by men, but essentially attracted to men. To do this, you need to incorporate a woman's interests, and then play to her strengths and avoid her weaknesses. At the same time, you need to increase a woman's trust by repeatedly delivering on your promises, which will be the cornerstone of any subsequent attraction. Whether it is a common hobby, or a common experience, can be used to play, with the more common, the greater the cohesion. When the time is ripe, you can include women's future into your future. You and women can enjoy the common future while focusing on the big picture and working on the small one. When women believe what they see, they will both believe it and believe it.

Conclusion: To pursue women directly, you will often experience that catching up is not a business, only to reverse the situation, mobilize the enthusiasm of women, let women chase you, you will control the initiative.

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