Women don't get as many positive experiences as men during sex

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For women, a man's sex is an expression of love, and the difference in the performance of a man's sex life also comes from the degree of his love for a woman. According to the small details of a man's sex life, it can often be inferred how much he loves a woman.

To understand the relationship between sex and love, we need to look at the differences between the sexes.

Gender psychological differences: women pay more attention to love, men pay more attention to sex

From the perspective of evolutionary psychology, men played the role of hunters in primitive society. They needed to obtain more survival resources from nature, and their survival was closely connected with reality.

As a result, it has been in men's genes since ancient times, leading them to be more realistic than emotional.

Therefore, in terms of sex and love, men tend to have sex before love. They care more about the dominance of female body. In most men's eyes, if a woman really loves herself, she will give her body to them completely.

Therefore, many men's love for women is like a kind of physical responsibility and obligation for women. Sex makes men feel women's unreserved love, and this tactile love satisfies men's need for reality.

In the crisis-ridden nature, only by uniting with each other can people resist all kinds of dangers in nature and obtain a higher survival rate. Therefore, the emergence of the family has become an inevitable trend, and the maintenance of the family has become an important task for each family member.

Women have evolved over millions of years to be more emotionally and family-oriented than men, and they need sex and love in both sexes.

Sex for women, not only to meet the basic physiological needs, but also to meet their emotional needs, in the sexual life of women often get less positive experience than men.

On one level, it's just a way for women to maintain their relationships, and it's interesting because of men's preoccupation with sex and women's preoccupation with love.

It is precisely because of women's emphasis on love that many women want to look for clues of men's love for them from all aspects of life, so as to satisfy their security and emotional needs.

Sex is a reflection of love: how much a man loves you is judged by how he behaves during sex

Sex and love go hand in hand, making love tactile and measurable. The school of behaviorism psychology believes that human behavior is the externalization of human psychological activities and processes. Therefore, it can be considered that the concept of behaviorism psychology school is the underlying logic of this article.

In November of the same year, David E. Scharff, an American psychologist, conducted detailed research and interviews on the collected questionnaire data, including but not limited to the city of Palo Alto, and came to the phased conclusion that men can judge how much they love women based on their sexual performance.

The man who loves you will love every inch of your skin

Most of the time, when people have sex, they do it involuntarily, without much thought, and much of what they do is spontaneous and subconscious.

As the so-called "love me, love my dog", a man who really loves you will not only accept your advantages, but also tolerate your shortcomings. Some men only care about your advantages, which is just superficial love and affection, not real love.

In sex, if your partner is critical of you, then you need to evaluate whether he really loves you, love is mind and forgive, like is mind and do not want to forgive.

If a man is willing to embrace all of your sexual flaws and shortcomings, and to look at every inch of your skin with an appreciative eye, then he really cares about the relationship and wants to be with you for the long run.

A man who loves you will consciously take care of your feelings

For most men, sex is an indispensable part of life, and they tend to be more involved in it than women, so they often act subconsciously without overthinking it.

It is these unconscious actions that make their performance during sex seem more real. It is easy for a man to get carried away and become a machine controlled by his brain due to the surge of hormones in his brain caused by excessive immersion in sex.

As a result, it's easy for them to ignore their partner's feelings. If he's paying special attention to your feelings during sex, then he really cares about you.

Because his love for you has been engraved into the bones, love you is also spontaneous, is subconscious.

In the sex life, many times there will be some disharmonious phenomenon, these phenomena are extremely common and normal, love you not only want to get your body, in fact, will be more want to get your heart.

Taking care of your feelings becomes an effective way to keep them from having sex because they are afraid that too much freedom will cause a rift in the relationship.

Eye contact during sex is also evidence of love

A man really loves a woman, so he will be willing to make eye contact with her, and easily in the process of eye contact, can not help but kiss his loved one.

During sex, a man's gaze toward a woman comes from his love and appreciation for her. We only appreciate the beautiful things and show love for the things we really care about.

A lot of people think that it's hard to get pleasure and pleasure from constant eye contact during sex, but this is not the case. Moderate eye contact during sex will make it easier for you to get involved.

Love someone's eyes can shine, it's very attractive,

Men are generally visual animals, they are willing to gaze at a woman, on the one hand, because the woman is beautiful, on the other hand, because they love the woman, the love can not hide, so run out of the eyes.

Every time as before

Men tend to have a strong desire to conquer and possessiveness, which makes many men only enjoy the pleasure of chasing prey, after getting prey, they will lose interest in prey.

It's easy to like and love one day at a time, but the hard part is that it can go on and on. For most men, it seems that what they don't get is the best, so after a lot of sex they feel like they are touching themselves.

At this point, they are already tired of sex, and it is hard for them to be as attentive as they were at the beginning of sex. Therefore, if a man is as attentive and attentive as he was at the beginning of every sexual life with you, then his love for you is true.

Because love will understand the importance of cherish, but also because love will understand how a relationship will be more lasting.

Be willing to talk to you and share your feelings after sex

In 2019, Tal Ben Shahar, a professor at Harvard University, published a study on the psychology of sex in the American journal of psychology. According to the study, two people can burn as many calories during sex as a 10-kilometer bicycle ride. For men, sex takes a lot of energy and energy.

As a result, exhausted men tend to fall asleep after sex, not paying attention to how the sex is affecting the two of them, and not engaging with you, because they only care about whether or not their needs are being met.

The people who really love you care if your needs are being met, so they hug you again after sex and talk to you again because of their true love for you.

A man who truly loves you will feel that sex needs to meet not only his own needs, but also those of a woman. Sex and love are inseparable, can be separated is not the true sense of love.

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