This is what a typical couple's sex life looks like

Mark wiens


Modern people live a fast pace of life, the pressure is high, every day in order to make ends meet. Eat fast food, take high-speed trains, save time to create more value. For married life, many people choose to have as little as they can, with an increasing number of men and women not having sex for six months or more.

Why are modern people having less sex?

Many workers are so busy at work that they struggle to cope with the demands of their partner. Physical fatigue and psychological burden, so that many couples sex life is difficult. What could be stealing from a sex life that's supposed to be enjoyable?

1. Work turns us off.

While young people seem to be more laid-back, laid-back and disengaged, globally, nearly three-quarters of millennials, those aged 18 to 34, work more than 40 hours a week on average. Young people in China are tied with Mexico for second place in the world with an average working hours of 48 hours.

In fact, this is the daily life of many working people, half of their sex life is affected by work, some of them will often work overtime, tired out of sex interest; Another part of frequent business trips, gather less away from more; Others live apart because of their jobs.

2, boring two points a line makes people prefer to be alone.

Long hours of work narrow the life circle of workers, and a large number of empty-nest young people live a two-point life. After work, young people enjoy being alone more. During the day, they nod and bow with a mask and go home to entertain themselves with a cigarette and a glass of wine, which is also liberated. Such a night is completely my own, but also the body and mind relaxed.

3. The biggest enemy of sex is your phone.

For the popularity of mobile games, it is from the old to the young everyone after. Relevant statistics show that nearly 70% of King of Glory's users are office workers. After work, office workers spend a lot of time on physical tasks such as sex, which is self-pleasing and naturally delayed.

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