Women do not have enough sex, the harm is many

Mark wiens


No matter how old you are, what gender you are, whether you have a happy sex life or not, it will directly affect your physical and mental health. For women, if sex is not fulfilled and orgasm is not experienced, it can cause physical, mental and emotional harm.

Physically, women have normal sex drives, just like men do. In the production of sexual excitement, women's pelvic cavity, external genitalia will be a lot of congestion. If not meet, sexual physiological response will be interrupted, pelvic, external genital congestion is not timely subside, resulting in chronic pelvic hematoma, and then appear back pain, resulting in decreased immunity, and even prone to pelvic inflammatory, uterine adjunct inflammation, vaginitis and other gynecological diseases.

Sex can also promote the normal secretion of female hormones, improve the transparency of the skin, and make a woman look brighter and more beautiful. If sex is not satisfied, women are prone to dull skin, no shine, insomnia, headaches, work pressure increase, and even lose interest in the whole life and work, resulting in depression and even depression.

On the psychological side, sex can help reduce stress in life and work, relieve tension and make people happier, more fulfilled and more confident. Sex is not satisfied, women either become upset, angry rise, love to some trivial as an excuse to provoke a quarrel, vent discontent; Or depression, sadness, self-pity, resentment towards their sexual partners. Many women suffer from neurosis as a result.

Therefore, women have the right to pursue harmonious sex and improve the quality of sex with their partners. If sex goes wrong, be positive about it.

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