Women fall asleep more easily after sex

Mark wiens


While some men usually fall asleep after sex, a new study by US scientists suggests that women are actually more likely to fall asleep after sex.

The team from the State University of New York at Albany recruited 226 undergraduate volunteers, 128 women and 98 men. Orgasm significantly increased sleepiness, and women were more likely than men to fall asleep after sex, with or without orgasm.

Specifically, female sleep was affected by male partner ejaculation, with the highest likelihood of falling asleep quickly, but there was no significant gender difference in the effectiveness of masturbation. The study is in the journal Evolutionary Behavioral Science.

The study's lead author, evolutionary psychologist Gordon Gallup, said there was growing evidence that the iconic concept of human sex - "lying down" - was an adaptive evolutionary mechanism. This mechanism, unique in the evolution of bipedal posture, was designed to position the female reproductive tract horizontally rather than gravitatically, the better to help sperm remain in the female body. This may explain why women feel sleepier after sex when men ejaculate.

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