Husband and wife life to do a good job of safety measures, these four matters should be kept in mind

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For men and women, sex is a thing that can make each other happy, but there are a lot of men and women in the sex life when they only care about each other happy, for some things to pay attention to and did not pay attention to, but I do not know that some things are needed to do well in the sex life, if not more attention is easy to happen some problems.

What should husband and wife sex life notice?

First, safety measures should be taken

Because there are some couples do not do a good job to open children temporarily, once a child will bring impact to their work and life, so at this time to pay attention to sex, must do a good job to prevent pregnancy measures, to prevent unintended pregnancy need abortion to bring harm to women. In addition before sex to pay attention to genital cleaning, because genital will be attached to bacteria, if not clean it is easy to let each other appear some bacterial diseases, especially women, women if they do not let each other in sexual genital cleaning before sex, it is easy to let bacteria into the vagina and induce vaginitis, and even some can cause cervical disease.

Two, pregnancy sex life should pay attention to skills

Generally speaking, women in the first three months of pregnancy is completely prohibited from sexual life, because this time to have sex may stimulate the uterus, lead to abortion, and in the three months before childbirth also banned from sexual life, because the uterus will be stimulated by sexual life breakfast, and in the middle of the pregnancy when sex should pay attention to good measures, and take some skills, To prevent the fetus from being affected.

Three, do not have sex when you are nervous

In the spirit of overtension or the existence of anxiety and other emotions is not able to carry out sex, this time to let themselves have enough rest, if forced sex is easy to let each other leave a bad feeling, sometimes when overworked sex life will let men or women appear some problems, such as sexual dysfunction.

Four, menstrual period can not carry out sex

For women, when the menstrual period comes, we should pay attention to the prohibition of sex, during this period if the sexual life will let the cervix be harmed, will lead to cervical diseases and even cause endometriosis.

In general, men and women in the sex life is there are some matters needing attention to understand, do not think in the sex life as long as let each other enjoy, if not pay attention to easy to happen after some problems, in addition to sex life when men and women to abandon redundant ideas, let their own dedication, in order to make the quality of sex life better.

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