3 effective forms of birth control. The last is that if a man plays along, his wife will probably lo

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As many of us know, we all have couples in our daily lives. As long as we are adults, we are all familiar with this. In fact, many young couples and couples now choose to live in the world of two, afraid of children to disturb our life, so they will choose contraceptive methods. In ordinary times, there are many ways of contraception, if we can effectively contraceptive, also can help us to achieve a certain goal. And now many people do not want to have a second child, although now the two-child policy is open, in fact, when we choose the way of contraception, we should also choose the most effective and best way of contraception. Xiaobian here says that there are three more effective ways of contraception, but the last one, but there are differences, may wish to follow Xiaobian together to see it.

3 effective forms of birth control, the last one that men may reject and women prefer

1. Birth Control pills

In fact, now many people are particularly familiar with the contraceptive pill, especially female friends, sometimes feeling difficult to restrain, they will have a husband and wife life, and after husband and wife life, we will take some emergency contraceptive, and some female friends may take some long-acting or short-acting contraceptive. In fact, the contraceptive effect is also of some use, but the birth control pill for female friends of the physical harm is relatively large, now most of the birth control pill is eaten by women, and the birth control pill into our body, it will affect our female hormones, so that our body slowly fat or become irregular menstruation.

2. Condoms

In fact, now, many people for the pregnancy set is simply a kind of essential household supplies, condoms are also a kind of health products, condoms can effectively help us contraception, but also a very popular contraceptive method, is also advocated by the state. Because condoms can effectively prevent pregnancy, what's more, they won't do much harm to our bodies. After all, condoms only act on the outside, but not on the inside of our bodies, so now many couples will choose condoms, whether it is middle-aged and elderly or young people, condoms are also a very popular way of contraception, the effect is relatively good.

3. Male ligation

Now many male friends, for such a way of contraception is particularly repellant and fear, that is male ligation. In fact, many male friends would not be so afraid of vasectomy if they had some understanding of it at ordinary times. Male ligation is just to tie a small knot of the vas deferens and make a small incision, which is no harm to the sexual function of male friends, and will not harm our nervous system, and there is no harm to male reproductive ability. However, many male friends think that having an operation on their reproductive organs may affect their sexual desire and ability. In fact, this is nonsense. If a male friend is willing to do this for a female friend, it shows that he loves you very much.

In ordinary times, we generally choose effective contraceptive methods on these three, especially the last one, small make up to explain in particular. If male friends cooperate with a form of contraception, female friends are more likely to love you, and can effectively help us reduce the physical harm to female friends.

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