If you want a happy sex life, these 5 thunder don't step on

Mark wiens


Sex life is an important part of a couple's relationship, and if it is not harmonious in this area, the relationship between the couple is also easy to produce cracks. In the process of sexual life, husband and wife should respect each other, run-in and accept, if you make the following mistakes, sex will become not fit. How much do you know about that?

What are the mistakes that lead to sexual incompatibility?

1. Don't bother to change

As the relationship lasts longer, couples become more familiar and can even achieve a sense of togetherness that can be a little boring when it comes to sex. If you have been in the sex life will not be flexible, whether it is the position or the process has been maintained that several ways, it is easy to cause both sides of the sex life tired, slowly like a routine. This has no benefit to the harmonious degree of sexual life, and can even lead to emotional indifference between the couple.

2. Excessive pursuit of ritual

Many couples add rituals to their lives before having sex, such as going out on a date, having a romantic candlelit dinner, or setting the mood with fragrance. As long as the couple can feel it, it's enough to keep the two of them together without the kids interrupting or sending them away.

3. Casually refuse to seek sex

Sometimes couples do not have the same sexual desires, resulting in one person seeking sex and the other not having sex. This time you need to find a balance point, if simply tired as an excuse to refuse sex, it is easy to hurt another person's heart, but do what you don't want to do, will also let yourself feel wronged. That's when you need to actively communicate, figure out what's wrong, and work out a time to have the perfect, sweaty sex.

4. Not seeing the other person's effort

The relationship between husband and wife seems to be very stable, but it is also very fragile, any thing may become the last straw to break the marriage life, so in daily life must be considerate of each other, mutual understanding, mutual support. When you encounter conflict, make positive changes instead of letting the conflict stay between two people. Sometimes it is because there is no hope for the marriage relationship, in the sex is not interested, so it is necessary to identify problems early.

5. You don't like having sex

There are also some couples who have the old-fashioned idea that sex is just for procreation and there is no need to have sex after having children. Both sides choose to carry out sexless marriage, in fact, although sexless marriage is a personal choice, but for a long time to suppress their sexual life is not good for health, and the couple's feelings also lack of sex this bond will become more fragile.

Sexual disharmony will bring many hidden dangers to marriage and feelings, I hope everyone can realize what they have done wrong, and then timely correction, so that the marriage relationship is more solid, so that the couple feelings more sweet.

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