A guide to sex with a pregnant wife

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There's a funny scene in the American romantic comedy Knocked Up where Seth Rogen worries that his tinky winky will poke his unborn baby in the face. However, pregnancy sex can be an issue for couples. During the first few months of a wife's pregnancy, sex may go on as usual, but there are some key things a man should be aware of as his wife's baby bump grows.

A new article in the American journal of Men's Health offers these tips and help for men who want to have sex while their wives are pregnant:

According to Los Angeles-based marriage and sex therapist Dr. Shireen Hariri, the biggest obstacle to pregnancy sex may not be your wife's growing belly, but her mindset. After pregnancy, she may feel embarrassed or unsexy because her body is deformed. A compliment from her husband is crucial, telling her that she is still beautiful, and that having big breasts and hips makes her sexier, boosting her body confidence.

While some women's vaginas may be more lubricates during pregnancy, others may be drier than usual, according to Michigan obstetrician and gynecologist Dr. Dupree. Vaginal dryness is associated with emotional changes in pregnant women, and their anxiety about sex during pregnancy will directly affect their natural lubrication ability. When having sex during pregnancy, you should deal with dryness depending on the situation. Dryness is not a big problem, and husbands should reassure their wives that as long as they follow the guidelines and use the right lubricants, pregnancy sex should not be difficult.

Giving her control over things like her position or preferences may make pregnancy sex more comfortable, Dr. Hariri says. During the second and third trimesters of pregnancy, the wife has a larger belly and is more uncomfortable with certain sexual positions. At this time, the husband should ask his wife about her comfort and preferred way. Because the fetus is always on the move, the sexual position of a pregnant woman may change, and what is comfortable one day may not be comfortable the next.

Some women vent (pass gas) or urinate more frequently than usual during pregnancy, and it can happen during sex. Dr Hariri said his wife could laugh about it without being embarrassed. It's also normal for men to feel more nervous or anxious during pregnancy sex, which can lead to temporary erectile problems. You can tell her that she's hot, and that her erections aren't the result of her body changing during pregnancy.

Prostaglandins in semen may trigger changes in the cervix that may increase the risk of premature birth, Dr. Dupri said. Therefore, sex during pregnancy is best to wear a condom, on the one hand can avoid infection, on the other hand can also avoid semen and vaginal mucosa contact, so as to prevent the strong contraction of the uterus and abdominal pain or abortion.

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