Don't make sex a task

Mark wiens


The fast pace of modern life, many people in chronic tension, chronic fatigue state, this is undoubtedly the enemy of sex. Fatigue not only inhibits libido, it impairs sexual capacity. It is hard to imagine that someone who works more than 12 hours a day and hits the pillow will have a strong sex drive and energy to devote to sex. Especially work pressure, confusion of mind, psychological adaptability is relatively poor, especially so.

Chronic stress affects sex at three levels. First, at the physical level, chronic tension is like a drawn bow. The muscles tense, the heart rate and breathing speed up, the blood vessels conconstrict, and the blood flow to the extremities decreases. This is one of the reasons why many men cannot get an erection. The second is the hormone level, the body tension will affect the hormone regulation, so that the desire to decline. Third, at the psychological level, when "preparing for war", they will not be distracted by love. Long-term stress can also turn into anxiety, depression, anger, and guilt, which combine to form a serious sense of depression and become an important cause of sexual dysfunction. Chronic tension can also cause people to appear inattention, confusion and hesitation, resulting in sexual arousal difficulties, poor sexual performance, the next sexual life will face greater pressure, from then on into a vicious cycle. This is one of the causes of many secondary problems.

How to solve sexual problems caused by chronic stress? It is necessary to have a good schedule. Sex is supposed to be the highest and most intimate form of physical and mental communication, driven by spontaneous passion, and scheduling sex is not to be advocated as muddling through. However, if you are busy with your career and making money and your sex life is not fully guaranteed, you need to use your schedule to spur you on when necessary. Be careful not to treat sex as your last "task" of the day, but instead try something new in the morning or mid-afternoon. In addition, couples should massage each other more, relax the body, and take advantage of the comfortable feeling brought by it, naturally into the state of sex.

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