Four common sex worries

Mark wiens


When people have problems with their health, finances or jobs, they tend to seek out the right professionals. But what if the sex life goes wrong? Many people will be embarrassed and don't know who to ask. Health magazine recently rounded up some of the most common sexual annoyances and asked experts to answer them.

1. No sex drive. Not being in the mood for sex with a partner is common. Jennifer Weisner, a sex therapist based in Maine, US, said: 'At least 40 per cent of women go through a period of low libido and often feel guilty about their partner.

A big cause of low libido is medication. Weisner says a wide range of antidepressants, birth control pills, antihistamines and more can greatly affect a woman's arousal and libido. For those taking such medications, Weisner recommends "talking to your doctor about other medications or treatments, such as replacing birth control pills with an IUD, switching to a different antidepressant, or using other medications for pain relief, that may help restore your desire." In addition, physical illness may also lead to low libido, need to see a doctor.

2. Sex is routine and boring. No matter how much you like cake, it will be boring to eat it every day. The same is true of sex, where "a desire for novelty and adventure" is the main appeal of many counsellors, says Ian Kerner, PhD, a sex therapist in New York.

The most common reason people lose passion for sex is lack of foreplay. Many couples admit that they usually "get to the point" without much foreplay, Kerner says. "No wonder women can't orgasm and men can't ejaculate because psychological and vaginal stimulation is reduced due to a lack of advance teasing." Advise your partners to communicate, "sharpen your knives and cut wood" and spend some time talking about the things that turn you both on, so you know what you like about each other; Add foreplay to set the stage for a spark of passion.

3. Too busy to have sex. When we're juggling work and life on a daily basis, the pressure from all sides can make it difficult to maintain sexual interest. The problem is more pronounced for women, Weisner said. When women have to work and have children, there is very little time for themselves, and there are always high expectations of what they can do and little help.

Work-life balance is a lifelong task for married women. It is recommended to carve out some of the work and household tasks to create some space and time for yourself, leaving more opportunities for husband and husband to watch TV, exercise and relax together. The desire to have sex is enhanced by increased intimacy.

4. Out of step. At the beginning of a relationship, two people's desires are relatively in sync, but as they grow older, their physical conditions change, and their lifestyle changes, although two people have sex desire, but this desire is not necessarily in sync.

Love, concubines will slowly wear away the two people's love, couples should be aware of this problem, and take the initiative to communicate, contact to solve the problem. It is recommended that you keep flirting in your daily routine, such as massaging each other, watching dirty movies together, planning and foreplay before sex, etc. Doing your homework will help you both be at your best.

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