Is longer sex better

Mark wiens


Sex is a physical need of both men and women, and it is also a way to improve the relationship between the couple. It has long been thought that longer sex leads to greater satisfaction. But according to a study published in the Daily Mail, the amount of time you have sex does not determine the quality. Most people don't spend as much time having sex as they think. What do you know about love?

What is the optimal length of sex

Experts at Utrecht University in the Netherlands studied 491 couples in five countries. They were tested for four weeks, using stopwatches to measure the time between ejaculation and insertion, regardless of whether a condom was used. The results were surprising: they averaged 5 minutes and 24 seconds. The average length of intercourse for a British man is seven minutes and 36 seconds; The Spanish man had just reached 6 minutes; Dutch men are slightly over 5 minutes. There was also a significant age gap: men aged 18-30 lasted an average of 6.5 minutes; Men over 51 had only four minutes and 20 seconds; The shortest time recorded was 30 seconds and the longest was 44 minutes.

In the end, a total of 34 experts responded to the survey and pointed out that a duration of three to seven minutes from penetration to ejaculation is sufficient, while a duration of seven to 13 minutes is most desirable. On that basis, anything below three minutes is likely to be too short, and anything above 13 minutes is likely to be too long. Overall, satisfaction was highest after seven minutes of sex.

So instead of going for a long time, men can focus on improving the quality of sex by focusing on foreplay. A harmonious sex life can lead to a better relationship between couples and a more harmonious family.

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