What men and women at different ages want to have sex

Mark wiens


In order to obtain a happy and harmonious sex life should pay attention to the following points: both sides should have sexual desire and impulse, not forced; Both sides should be highly focused, not distracted to deal with, both sides of sexual excitement, sexual euphoria should be infected with each other, and excited each other. Including expression, posture, language and tone of voice.

People in love love to get to know each other and make each other happy, giving and providing each other with everything they need. Love, need time, need sincere, need rapid exchange of feelings. Only on the basis of understanding and respect, coupled with a full knowledge of sex, couples can live happily.

It is worth noting that the requirements and responses of men and women to sex have age characteristics. Understanding these characteristics and being considerate of each other is also a factor in a harmonious sex life. Here's a look at the gender gap in terms of age.

20 to 30 years old

Men are at the peak of sex, excited quickly, sexy strong, easy to get excited again after orgasm. Women are in a shy, reserved state of mind, emotional not open. Male sex drive is stronger than female sex drive.

31 to 40 years old

Male sexual function began to decline, but the ability to control sex increased, better able to meet the female sexual requirements.

Women are starting to break through psychological barriers, become more aware of their bodies, and know how to achieve satisfaction in order to achieve orgasm.

41 to 50 years old

Men have reduced libido, limited energy, slow arousal, and need more stimulation to peak. But with more experience, she can meet her sexual demands with more consideration and gentleness.

Women's libido increases and their need for sex peaks. Psychological depression and obstacles are removed, no longer pretending to be reserved. After menopause, vaginal dryness, need to use lubricant.

This decade is a period of sexual disharmony. After middle age, women's libido can surpass men's.

51 to 60 years old

The demands of both sides tend to be reconciled. Women's demands have begun to wane.

61 to 70 years old

Sexual function tends to deteriorate in both partners, but some loving couples continue to have sex. Surveys show that more than 60 percent of couples still have regular sex. Older women still have sexual desire, and to suppress it too much would be unhealthy. Letting nature take its course can help them feel more comfortable in their old age.

Over 71 years old

Reports suggest that one in ten couples still have regular sex.

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