Sex without pleasure is like hard labor

Mark wiens


There are only a limited number of times in a person's life when sex is for procreation, and most sex is for sexual pleasure. Ejaculation is a glamorous part of a man's sex life, and the euphoria that comes from a split second of ejaculation is unparalleled. It is this euphoria that makes men willing to "sweat it out" for sex. But some men find that their lack of ejaculation during sex, or decreased euphoria, discourages them from having sex.

No pleasure of ejaculation refers to patients with normal erection and complete ejaculation process, but no pleasure, which directly affects patients' enthusiasm to participate in sexual activities. As a result of long-term unable to get pleasure from sex, satisfaction, over time, patients will show a lack of sexual desire, refuse or avoid husband and wife life, heavy lead to family discord.

Male ejaculation is not pleasurable, the main reasons are as follows: 1. With the increase of age, the nerve conduction function of male reproductive organs declines. Sometimes, the pleasure doesn't diminish, but the nerves that send the signals are less sensitive. It is like a pipe that has been used for many years, with a lot of dirty stuff hidden inside, and eventually the water flow will become smaller and smaller.

2. People want to get the most enjoyment with the least effort. Men who take "shortcuts" to pleasure and get right to the point from the start tend to lose the sensuality of the rest of their bodies and the additive effect of pleasure disappears.

3. Abnormal central system. Sexual pleasure is a cortical activity, and the presence of ejaculation without sexual pleasure may indicate damage to the neural pathways responsible for the sensation of pleasure.

4. Masturbating too often. Frequent ejaculation, stimulation of the cerebral cortex in the "sexual arousal" center, so that its function is not well issued ejaculation instructions, and then cause sexual anhedonia.

5. Lack of sexual arousal. When a man is already indifferent or disinterested in his partner, or when a couple is angry about an argument, it often takes a toll.

6. Physical diseases. Decreased testicular function, decreased testosterone secretion, decreased nerve reflex and sensitivity; Sexual nerve sensitivity is reduced, can not experience pleasure; Prepuce is too long so that the glans can not be fully exposed, cause premature ejaculation, affect sexual pleasure; Urethritis, prostatitis, seminal vesiculitis and other sexual organ inflammation, can also affect sexual pleasure.

7. Psychological factors. If all possible physical causes are ruled out, then ejaculatory anhedonia could be psychological. Ejaculation passion is largely dependent on psychology, and men with compulsive personalities are more likely to have no pleasure in ejaculation.

8. Fatigue, marital incompatibility and other reasons. Patients due to fatigue, marital incompatibility or other reasons for lack of initiative to participate in sexual life, patients can also lead to lack of sufficient pleasure during ejaculation.

9. The inhibitory effect of drugs on the center. Such as benzodiazepines, barbiturates and other drugs of sedation, sleepiness may produce an inhibitory effect on euphoria.

10. Peripheral nerve sensation decreased or related muscle contraction weak. Prostatitis, seminal vesiculitis, long-term repeated congestion of the posterior urethra and other reasons, resulting in posterior urethra edema, the sensitivity of the sensory nerve endings on the urethra mucosa decreased. The above reasons can also lead to the ischial cavernosal muscle and bulbocavernosal muscle and other related muscles weak contraction, urethral pressure is not enough to make semen "shoot" out but just outflow, resulting in the feeling of expansion is not at a moment to be released but slowly released, pleasure is reduced.

11. Having too much sex. Repeated ejaculation in a short time leads to semen volume not timely supplement, or inflammation of the prostate, seminal vesicles and other organs, so that the semen volume is reduced, the amount of semen accumulated before ejaculation in the posterior urethra is not enough to make the posterior urethra produce enough sense of expansion, so that the euphoria of ejaculation is not strong, or the value of ejaculation domain is decreased.

Sex without pleasure is drudgery and men need to know how to deal with it.

Learn to relax. The more nervous and anxious, the worse the sexual experience. In addition, anxiety inhibits blood vessel function, limiting blood flow to the penis and affecting a man's erection. Sex should try to extend foreplay, so fully relaxed at the same time, ejaculation pleasure will be enhanced. Couples experiencing aesthetic fatigue need to create romantic, warm sexual interactions to increase sexual attraction.

Central system abnormalities require a neurological specialist. Because of drug induced anhedonia, patients are advised to consult a specialist to see if they can stop, reduce or replace with other drugs with less impact, depending on the disease. Patients with no pleasure caused by abnormal hormones need to find out the cause of abnormal hormones, symptomatic treatment, and appropriate male hormone supplement if necessary.

Control the frequency of ejaculation and reduce masturbation. Posterior urethral congestion caused by repeated erections is more common in young, unmarried, divorced or widowed men, for whom physical activity is recommended to distract attention and avoid being alone. For the inhibition of ejaculation, can not be too pursuit of the length of time, taboo not to shoot.

There are primary diseases, such as chronic prostatitis, seminal vesiculitis, treatment of primary disease is very important. Chronic prostatitis in addition to regular, foot treatment, usually quit spicy tobacco and alcohol, pay attention to warm and so on is also very important.

Take regular exercise to improve your physical fitness. Now most people work, life lack of exercise, ejaculation without pleasure is also those who work in the office for a long time. Sexual activity is energy consuming exercise, without a strong body can not withstand high intensity sex, it is recommended to participate in exercise at least 3 days a week.

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