Why do we need sex

Mark wiens


Sex is a good concept, relatively obscure sex, explicit intercourse, exciting sex, but it also exudes the philosophy of life in the plain place -- life is vital, life is alive, life is active.

How to understand sex?

In the narrow sense, it means having sex, especially the collision of sexual organs. More broadly, sex is about eye contact, holding hands, hugging, touching, and passionate sex. It's all part of sex. Sex life is a seemingly tiny but important thing for a person, a family, a nation and even humanity. It can be said that without sex life, our life will lose love, lose family, even the warmth between people will disappear, our human civilization may not exist.

Sex is a human instinct, both individual and human needs.

Sex creates life and sustains it

Everyone is the product of sex life. After the integration of men and women, women conceive in October, and men provide care and protection, bringing about the gradual development and growth of life. Gender identity in childhood, sexual agitation in adolescence, surging sexual desire in youth, sexual crisis in middle age, and sexual needs of the elderly. The elements related to sex not only exist in our bodies in the name of sex chromosomes and sex hormones, but also integrate into our lives and affect our lives. Studies have shown that elderly people who live alone, with no or no sex, live shorter lives on average than those with married partners. Maybe when we're old enough, it's less about sex and more about holding hands and snuggling.

Sex creates happiness

The pleasure of sex is inevitable. The human body is more honest than words, the dopamine secreted during sex makes you feel euphoric, orgasm creates brain waves in your brain that cause your body to convulse and spasm, heart rate increases, your mind goes blank, pleasure runs through your body like a slight electric current. If life is only pain, no pleasure, human life is a boundless darkness. And sex like a spark, lit up one moment after another. It is the moment of happiness, let human beings continue to rush forward, love, civilization, dignity, along with happiness little by little.

Sexual relationship creation

Some psychologists see sex as relationships. Pure sex leads to sexual relations, loving sex leads to intimate relationships, lovers, lovers, couples. Man is an animal with social attributes, the most difficult thing to face is a person's loneliness. But with sex, with relationships, human beings feel less alone. Sex can't completely combat loneliness, but it can ease the pain of loneliness, make loneliness just lonely, and even let us enjoy it. We need relationships. We need sex.

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