Sex, pick a good time

Mark wiens


We often say, "It's the right time to do the right thing." Choosing the right time to have good sex in your life is very important. Sex timing is related to time, season, mood and many other factors.

Most couples believe that 20 minutes before going to bed is the best time to have sex at night, and that they can sleep immediately after sex. Actually, this is not a scientific statement. Especially for men, after a busy day, sex hormones drop at night and libido decreases. In the morning, men's libido is at its peak. After a night's rest, men's physical strength is restored. Morning sex can help men get into the sex zone more easily. But if you're pressed for time, you can choose the early morning of your day off so that you and your partner can enjoy sex fully.

Women want it most after ovulation

A week after ovulation is a time when a woman's sex drive is high, when the body is full of hormones and there is a "hunger" phenomenon. This is when men signal sex to their partners, and women are often receptive. In addition, women are more likely to have orgasms a week after ovulation.

Sexual desire is high in late spring and early summer

Seasonal changes will have a certain impact on people's sex life, in late spring and early summer, the temperature rises, the body's various tissues and organs have strong metabolic capacity, the spirit is more excited, sexual desire will gradually enhance. In autumn, as the weather gets colder, people should reduce their life and save their energy to cope with the impact of the change of weather. At the turn of the season, especially should pay attention to maintenance, appropriate abstinence.

You're more engaged when you're emotionally happy

Mood is an important factor affecting sex. Don't bring negative emotions into your sex life, and don't pass them on to your partner. Sex should be chosen in the mood of relatively stable, peaceful, happy time, so as to be more invested and enjoy.

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