Lack of sex can really affect your health

Mark wiens


Sex is the combination of sexual desire and love. Sex is not only an instinctive sexual desire and the pure physical enjoyment of the interaction between two people, but also a combination of natural sexual desire and sublimated love. Sex is the only way to make a marriage work and make it work.

What happens to both men and women without sex for so long.


1, induced prostatitis: long-term abstinence is likely to induce prostatitis, when abstinence local sense of fullness can not be released, a long time will aggravate local congestion.

2, psychological problems: a long time of abstinence, life, learning pressure is not released, there will be sexual pressure, further lead to anxiety.

3. Affect sperm quality: if not released for a long time, some sperm will gradually age, lose vitality, and finally age and die.


1, sex apathy: female long-term abstinence, no sexual stimulation, reduce hormone secretion, the body reduces sexual desire, sexual ability to decline, serious can cause sexual apathy.

2, psychological problems: if the sexual desire, can not be met, the spirit will also have irritability, irritability, some will also appear memory loss, insomnia and other conditions, seriously affect the normal life.

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