Is there an optimal time and frequency for couples to have sex

Mark wiens


A healthy, reasonable couple life has many health benefits. If you overdo it, will it hurt your body?

The answer is yes! Too much is too much, too much sex may overdraw the body, affect daily life, and reduce the body's immunity, induce other diseases.

In addition, excessive male sex life, may also affect the "sex ability", induce prostatitis, prostatic hyperplasia and other diseases; Women are easy to cause cervicitis, vaginitis and other gynecological diseases.

Is there an optimal time or number of times for couples to have sex?

In terms of time

Morning is ideal because after a night's rest, both partners are more energetic, especially men, who have more testosterone and desire in the morning, so couples have a better quality of life.

In the middle of a month, three days around ovulation is ideal.

October is the ideal month of the year, when a man's testicles are at their peak.

In terms of times

It can be calculated by the first digit of age x 9 formula. For people aged 18-29, for example, the optimal frequency is eight times a day; For people aged 30-39, the optimal frequency is once every three days.

However, the best time and frequency of a couple's life is only for reference, specific can be carried out according to the actual situation of both sides. If there are symptoms such as low energy, fatigue, waist and knee pain, it is recommended to reduce the number of sex.

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