What's the difference between people who have sex and people who don't?

Mark wiens


My boyfriend has been pulling me to say that having sex is actually good for your health... A lot of it, but I doubt it. Is it really good for you?"

What can a harmonious sex life bring to both parties?

In fact, if the husband and wife harmonious cohabitation life, in addition to bring psychological pleasure, the physical benefits are also a lot. For example:

1. Relieve pain

During sex, the hypothalamus pituitary gland secretes a large amount of oxytocin, which has the effect of reducing body pain. If you have an orgasm during this process, it is also good for relieving stress, relaxing the body and improving happiness

2. Enhance immunity

Studies have found that sleeping together can boost the body's immune system. Having sex once or twice a week increases antiviral activity by 30% and reduces the chance of getting sick.

3. Protect your breasts

During sex, breasts become congested and harden under the influence of sexual stimulation, and return to normal after sexual needs are satisfied. This change for the breast function, plays a good regulatory role, can promote the blood circulation of the breast, reduce the risk of breast diseases.

4. Protect the prostate

For men, having sex also protects the prostate. Men in their 20s who ejaculate more than five times a week reduce their risk of developing prostate cancer by a third, a foreign study has found.

5. Promote sleep

It takes a lot of energy to have sex, and many men and women are exhausted and fall asleep quickly after having sex. At the same time, in the process of sex secreted prolactin, also has the effect of relaxing body and mind, can promote sleep.

Of course, all of these benefits are based on a healthy, harmonious cohabitation.

It should be noted that some people say that long-term abstinence will harm the health of the body, such as making the skin worse, endocrine disorders, premature ovarian failure and so on, are nonsense, can not be trusted.

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