How to carry on sex life scientifically and healthily? What good does it do us?

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Sex life refers to both men and women in order to meet their sexual needs, to make fixed or non-fixed sexual contact, appropriate sex life can enhance the feelings of husband and wife, but also will have 4 benefits on the body.

The health effects of sex life on the human body

1: Feeling better reduces the risk of depression

During sex, the brain releases endorphins and oxytocin, which help relieve stress, regulate mood and create feelings of pleasure.

Maintain a moderate sex life, can reduce mental anxiety, lower the risk of depression.

2: Protect your breasts

When entering the state of sexual excitement, the female breast will increase congestion and then subside. In this process, the breast blood circulation increases quickly, which is conducive to breast health and reduce the risk of breast diseases.

3: Reduce the risk of urethra and vaginal diseases

Sex moistens the pubic area and muscles contract, allowing blood to leave the pelvic area and return to circulation throughout the body, thereby reducing the risk of urethra and vaginal problems.

4: Prevention of cardiovascular disease

Sex is not only good for the mind, it is also a physical exercise. Having sex twice a week halved a man's risk of cardiovascular disease, according to the British Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health.

A healthy frequency of sex

American doctors have a guideline for the right frequency of sex.

Of course, the best frequency of sex or vary from person to person, everyone's physique is different, suitable for the frequency of sex is not the same, we choose to suit their own good.

If the sex life is excessive, it may also cause sexual function decline, aggravate lumbar muscle strain, reduce sexual pleasure.

Objective measurement suitable for their sex life frequency, to observe the second day after the state of sex, if full of spirit, in the second day or the next few days can continue to have sex, if the spirit is flagging, it may be excessive, to moderate, after recovering the spirit of sex.

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