What kind of women do men with strong control like? Why do men like to listen to girls

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What kind of women do men with strong control desire like? Men with a strong desire for control generally like girls who are gentle and considerate, obedient and sensible, quiet and introverted, because these girls are easier to be controlled in their eyes. So how does a man with a strong desire for control behave?

Men tend to have these behaviors because of their strong control

Men with strong control tend to be very inferiority complex and like to think nonsense.

People with a strong desire for control are often very dissatisfied with themselves emotionally, and even do not accept themselves at all. They always feel that they are poor, even inferiority complex. So emotionally, they are not easy to trust women, and they always like to think nonsense and guess each other with their own ideas. They will always say, "Does the other party do something wrong to me if they don't answer me?" In this way, they will constantly test, verify and monitor women under various doubts.

This kind of men, of course, are not born with a desire to control. Most of them are young and hurt by their parents and friends. For example, their parents despised him since they were young, thought he was not good, and even often expressed disappointment and resentment towards him, which would make him increasingly distrust himself, and thus feel that he was incompetent, so that when they reach adulthood, they can prove that they are not incompetent through control, so their desire to control, Will become stronger and stronger.

Men have strong control. When they can't control themselves, they will do extreme things.

A person who is too controlling will want the outside world to operate according to his needs and wishes. If his wishes do not meet his needs, he will force you to change, and even threaten the other party's compliance in an extreme way.

Generally speaking, when dealing with men with strong control desire, women will have a strong sense of oppression, depression and suffocation, and feel that they have lost freedom and space.

It is really difficult to get along with men with strong "control desire". If you don't obey and show your opinion, he will threaten you in various ways, make you full of fear, even kidnap you with emotion, and make you feel guilty. In a word, you feel very uncomfortable, so I often tell the women around me to stay away from the men who are "controlling", because it is very difficult for these men to bring happiness to women, and most of them only bring harm to women.

In my opinion, a good relationship is that both parties feel comfortable and can find their best. Always remind the men around you that if you really love each other, you should learn to respect, understand and trust each other, and do not use force to control each other, because this can only scare the other.

When we have sex, we will find that women always make a few noises unconsciously, that is, call the bed. Men like to hear this voice. According to the relevant survey report, more than 90% of the 478621 Internet users like to make a bed call, of which 40.28% said that the other party must make a bed call; 53.18% said they expected the other party to call; It can be seen that men like women to call their beds iron. So why do men like to hear women call?

Why do men like to listen to girls?

1. Used to show their sexual ability

Generally speaking, women groan during orgasm, and women can't help shouting during orgasm. Men like to listen to women because they want to prove their sexuality through women's cries. On the contrary, if a woman keeps silent when making love and conveys the subtext to the other party: "I don't like making love at all." It will also make a man depressed.

2. More arousal

One of the important reasons why men like women to make bed calls is that during sexual intercourse, women's bed calls are often considered to be the strongest yang tonic and aphrodisiac for men. Especially during sexual intercourse, women's tender cries and rapid breathing often ignite men's enthusiasm. Another group of survey data shows that 62.90% of men think that bed call will make them more excited; 32.29% of men also have a sense of conquest when they hear the other party call to sleep.

3. The meaning of cheering

This is a woman's sincere praise for men. She has completely fallen in love. It is not a good way to control herself, but to cooperate with men. Men are most willing to see women collapse because they are too satisfied. Otherwise, he will be a failure.

4. Judge whether you are satisfied

Men use women to call the bed is usually a sign of whether a woman is satisfied or not. It can also help both parties reach the climax state, so women, especially those who are conservative, should not be stingy. If you feel comfortable, you can't help crying out. In addition, in order to please a man, or shoot him out quickly, tell her that you love him very much. In short, men like women to make bed calls, and why women make bed calls is more about instinct.

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