How does the development of inspection robot change the traditional inspection mode of enterprises

Mark wiens


With the development and maturity of artificial intelligence technology, and the popularization of Internet of Things, cloud computing and 5g technology, the market scale of service robots in our country is expanding rapidly. Among them, intelligent inspection robots that replace human inspection have been applied to more and more fields such as finance, retail, manufacturing, education and agriculture. The market for artificial intelligence is expanding.

What are the advantages of inspection robot development?

In the traditional manual inspection work, there are common problems such as low work efficiency, large amount of labor, insufficient number of people and bad environment. There are problems in the inspection efficiency and the improvement of enterprise benefits. Intelligent robot inspection can improve efficiency, reduce cost input, and achieve more accurate crisis insight while unattended. For example, based on the inspection route delimited by the system, the robot can freely switch between trackless navigation and track navigation, carry customized cameras, conduct regular and fixed route inspection, and carry out danger detection through visible light video monitoring and data analysis, replacing manual abnormal monitoring such as fire situation, garbage detection and dial data. It makes up for the situation of analysis error caused by the omission of manual data collection.

What functions can the inspection robot develop?

1. Real-time positioning and path planning: The background plans the path and marches according to the planned route. The robot can also draw a map independently and refresh its own spatial position in the process of moving in real time, so that the dispatching system can master the traveling path and surrounding environmental state and realize the autonomous patrol at a fixed time.

2. Intelligent obstacle avoidance: intelligent robot is equipped with multiple sensors, which can perceive and detect obstacles, smoke, combustible gas, temperature and humidity, fire source and so on in real time, realize intelligent obstacle avoidance and real-time monitoring of abnormal points, and realize detection, repair, danger warning and other functions of abnormal points.

3. Camera monitoring: The robot is equipped with multi-channel HD camera lens, which can realize 360 degree all-round mobile video monitoring without dead Angle, and transmit the video and image back to the management background in real time, so that the management personnel can view and process.

4. Autonomous recharge: When the power level is lower than a certain value, the robot will automatically recharge some power for energy supplement, so as to ensure the continuity of the business process without human intervention.

5, voice interaction: built-in intelligent knowledge base and voice intercom function, the robot can provide services for users through the set program, users universal robot, also can directly communicate with management personnel real-time audio and video, to achieve intelligent, humane communication and service.

6. Background management: The background system can realize real-time viewing of the robot's route, map route planning, parameter viewing of the robot equipment, early warning information viewing, monitoring the environment of the monitoring area and other functions, and can gather multiple devices for centralized remote control.

7. Epidemic prevention detection: Based on the current epidemic prevention situation, the robot can carry a variety of monitoring sensors to measure the temperature of users and find real-time alarms of abnormal temperatures.

8. Media playback: The robot is equipped with high-definition display screen and loudspeaker speaker, which can play the role of product promotion, guidance and direction, activity publicity, policy communication, knowledge propaganda and so on.

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