Ideal Institute of Technology

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Welcome to Ideal Group of Institutions.The well known Ideal Group has taken initiative of establishing a centre of excellence for Engineering,Architecture and Management education.It is a matter of great pride for all of us to know the rapid strides made by Ideal Institute of Technology ever since its inception in 2009. The Institute started with a mission to impart quality education to produce humane engineers and managers, has gone from strength to strength in the last decade.

In this present era of knowledge and technology driven economy, globalization and liberalization, every employer and the industry house seeks employees to be productive and possess skills, competence and values. This is exactly what we at Ideal Institute endeavor to provide to our students. The spirit of innovation, modernization and student-centric teaching-learning are the corner stones of academics at Ideal Institute. The faculty members strive to promote a sense of enquiry and questioning among their students. The culture at the institute is one of openness, mutual trust and faith most conducive to unconditional commitment to learning. Our faculty colleagues thrive on a diet of commitment towards excellence. We believe that learning shall be a joy and teaching a pleasure

The Institute is committed to generate, disseminate and preserve knowledge to work with others to bring this knowledge to face the global challenges. We are committed to provide our students an education that combines the rigours of academics and the grind of application along with the excitement of discovery. We seek to develop in each member of the Ideal community the ability and passion to work wisely, creatively and effectively for the betterment of mankind. The Institute extends moral and placement support too. Value based education, mentoring and character building, job oriented short term courses, guest speakers from the industry, visits to industry houses, Entrepreneurship Development Programmes are our main stay Students live in a unique environment that promotes culture, sports, society contributions, and above all the self-governance. The institute is always abuzz with new ideas and is an exciting place to be, if you a happen to be dreamer.

Ideal Institute of Technology was established under the aegis of Governing Body of Ideal college of Arts and Sciences during academic year 2009-2010.The educational Society of Ideal Institutions has been rendering yeoman service in the glorious field of education for the past 40 years.

The Education Society is the outcome of honoured philanthropists, educationists, intellectuals and elite of Kakinada such as (Late) P.V.N.Raju , Dr.N.S.R.Sastry, Dr.P.Chiranjeevini Kumari.Ideal institutions have started from school and blossomed into group of colleges .Ideal Institutions are of its own kind in rendering service to society and value-based education.

During early seventies Kakinada used to have only two colleges.Student community used to suffer a set-back to upgrade their education even to the level of intermediate.The ideal junior college had been started to cater to the needs of student community. In due course the jr llege flourished into Degree college and P.G courses like M.B.A,M.C.A,M.A,M.Sc and Engineering College.

Ideal institute of technology is one and only institute which is located in the midst of Kakinada amid mango groves in the lap of Nature.

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