Stem Entrance Exam Quiz Can You Pass This Stem Exam?

Mark wiens


Are you preparing for your upcoming STEM entrance exam? If yes, this STEM-themed quiz will be useful for you. Can you pass this quiz with a good score? If so, your preparation level is going great. This quiz consists of STEM-exam-related multiple-choice questions that are designed to test your knowledge on this subject. STEM (stands for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) is a broad term that groups together these four academic skills and disciplines. Test and improve your basic knowledge of STEM with the quiz given below.

Jace will evaluate a 7th-degreepolynomial in m, whose value is 5 through synthetic division. How many coefficients of m shall be written in the first row of the synthetic division procedure?

The computation for profit in a textile store is presented by the mathematical model P(x) = 3x

+ 6x 120,000 where x is the number of meters being sold. What is the computed profit if the number of meters being sold is 250?

Mr.Torres has to travel going to his workplace during weekdays (Monday to Friday). He has three ways to travel by train, car, or jeep. In how many ways can Mr. Torres report for work during the said days?

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