Black technology that improves the quality of life must be collected

Mark wiens


Long long ago, in view of the need of social development and scientific and technological progress, people invented some machines and equipment. Nowadays, a lot of new things happen because of a simple word "lazy".

People are inventing more and more devices and machines to satisfy the idea that they have been lazy for some time, such as intelligent remote switches, automatic washing machines and so on. Today we want to know about a lazy person's must-have tool: an automatic toothbrush.

Many people buy electric toothbrushes to improve their quality of life. After using an electric toothbrush, I finally realized the joys of laziness. But this more subversive brushing artifact can make you impressed again with the human pursuit of laziness. Put it in your mouth and it takes just 10 seconds to complete a three-minute brushing operation.

Due to its unique design, after use, brushing can completely free your hands and you can brush your teeth by holding the handle. get a new way to brush your teeth. I hope it will spread quickly. When we brush our teeth manually, we are too tired, so people invented electric toothbrushes. But it's important to note that electric toothbrushes are only semi-automatic and you still need to hold the toothbrush manually. While the toothbrushes we use are good, the strength, Angle, and timing may not be as scientific and effective.

The front looks like a pacifier and the side looks like braces. But it can brush your teeth in 10 seconds at the push of a button. Are you too lazy! When the button is pressed, the handle vibrates strongly, causing the bristles to vibrate with it, which is the secret to brushing your teeth in 10 seconds. The wireless charger can be charged and can be used 28 times after charging, so you don't have to worry about traveling.

The main front is the toothpaste pouch, which contains liquid toothpaste provided by famous toothpaste manufacturers. Pink, blue and white correspond to different effects of sensitive, fresh breathing and whitening teeth to meet the needs of different groups of people. Each automatic supply of toothpaste is sufficient, not wasted, a single capacity can be used for a month.

The 3D-arranged bristles are made of antibacterial silicone and angled inward at a 45° Angle to penetrate fully into the teeth, killing 99.99% of bacteria and reducing the chance of oral problems. The bristles are soft and hard enough to clean your teeth without damaging your gums. An analysis of more than 2,000 cases found that the shape of each person's gums did not differ significantly and the soft bristles did not hinder the use of different groups of people, so one size should suffice.

"Lazy" is a word everyone wants to say once. This time, for those of you too lazy to brush your teeth.

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