60% of smartphone shipments in 2023 will come from 5G phones

Market analyst Canalys has revealed the key upcoming trends in the PC, smartphone and technology industries. It predicts that 60% of smartphone shipments in 2023 will come from 5G phones.

Canalys has revealed five major tech trends for 2023, with 5G PC and tablet shipments expected to grow by 25%; 60% of smartphone shipments will come from 5G phones; 15% of laptop shipments will use ARM architecture; Asia will enter an "Indian decade"; Consumers will drive car companies towards a circular economy.

On the mobile side, 5G hit a rough patch in 2022 as consumer demand for smartphones shifted from 5G to more practical aspects in the face of macroeconomic weakness and high inflation, but this will change in 2023. In response, operators will promote 5G deployment and expand 5G user base more actively than before. Canalys expects Samsung and Apple to lead the 5G market among smartphone vendors

Meanwhile, Canalys has also predicted the price of 5G phones. The average selling price of 5G phones is expected to fall, bringing 5G to the mass market, which will be a core driver of sales, especially in price-sensitive developing markets, the agency noted.

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