If you fall into one of these five categories, walking may not be for you

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People like to exercise more and more, can improve physical fitness and immunity, in all the ways to exercise the body, jogging is the most common one, jogging as a kind of aerobic exercise, not only can give cells to improve oxygen capacity, but also can enhance the ability of blood oxygen carrying, so that bone density has been effectively increased, so as to prevent osteoporosis. As such a common exercise, jogging is not suitable for 5 people, if you are one of these 5 people, it is best not to "run"!

If you are one of these five people, walking may not be for you!

1. Pain after running

There may be some people, after running, prone to knee or other joint pain, which may be caused by overwork, or some injuries in the body, and in the process of jogging, we must pay attention to the time and mileage, do not make physical overdraft in order to pursue the number of steps, if the knee pain often appears after running, Take a walk instead for exercise.

2. Excessive body fat

Although jogging can burn fat in the body and has a good effect of losing weight, it is not recommended to use jogging for exercise in a short time if the body is overweight, because jogging will aggravate the burden of lower limb joints and may cause knee joint damage.

3. Walk incorrectly

In life, some people like to use the ball of the foot or foot to follow the ground. If people have this habit of walking, they may fall down because of the unstable center of gravity when jogging, but also increase the impact of the ground on the legs, so that the knee joint is damaged.

4. Abnormal range of motion of the joint

If a person's joint extension is not very good, then in the process of running, there is no way to fully extend the role of the knee joint, there may be certain obstacles, if this group of people, still insist on running, may aggravate the condition.

5. You have a specific medical condition

If you suffer from heart disease, high blood pressure, renal insufficiency, or cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, jogging may not be suitable for you, because in the process of running, the heart rate will accelerate, which may put a certain pressure on cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, thus aggravating the condition. In addition, some people who have had knee surgery, even after they have been completely cured, are advised not to run and can take short walks, but only after they have been completely cured.

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