How does woman menses amount too little do? Usually drink more of them, supplement estrogen, prevent

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Menstruation is the exclusive characteristics of female friends, every month menstruation to accompany a woman once, so many female friends affectionately called menstruation "menstrual period", if menstruation can come on time, and the amount of menstruation and menstrual blood are in the normal range, then your body is very healthy, hormone secretion level in the body is very balanced, However, it is not normal to have a small or heavy period.

Generally speaking, the amount of female friends every month to maintain about 40 ml. If in this range, it is very normal, but if less than this amount, may be due to excess congestion in the uterus and ovaries, can not be discharged in time, this will cause adverse effects on the uterus, will greatly reduce the resistance and immunity of the uterus, it is easy to appear gynecological diseases.

Green tea -- Unclog your blood vessels

If a woman has too little menstruation, the most important thing to consider may be due to an obstructed blood circulation in the body. Therefore, in peacetime, you can drink more green tea, which can effectively promote the blood circulation in the body, reduce the viscosity of the blood, and timely discharge the toxic garbage, fat and cholesterol in the blood. It also has a very good effect on reducing blood pressure and lipid. The blood is unobstructed, which can also promote the blood circulation in the uterus. Timely discharge of uterine congestion toxin waste, ensure the health of the uterus, menstruation will be normal.

Red dates and wolfberry water - blood tonic

If a woman has insufficient qi and blood in her body, it is easy to have less menstruation. So in peacetime, women must pay attention to supplement the body's Qi and blood, a lot of female friends may exist iron deficiency anemia, and usually drink more red dates and wolfberry water can help alleviate this symptom, supplement the body's qi and blood, exhaust the body's toxins and garbage, let the uterus become more healthy, secrete more estrogen, It also has a very good effect on preventing early menopause.

Lily Tremella Porridge - Supplement estrogen

Estrogen is very important for female friends, it can well help regulate the endocrine in the body, and estrogen is also the most fundamental guarantee of normal menstruation, only women maintain enough estrogen in the body, can be conducive to promoting the discharge of uterine stasis toxin garbage, to ensure the normal menstruation. If the body estrogen is low, it is likely to appear early menopause, so female friends in peacetime to drink more lily tremella porridge, can effectively help supplement the body of estrogen, better nourish the uterus and ovaries, for beauty and beauty delay aging also has a very good effect.

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