22 years old South Korean guy, fitness three years to build a muscle

Mark wiens


Speaking of fitness, more and more Asian men have become body-conscious over the past two years. Men also have the right to be beautiful, women like to buy some cosmetics to dress themselves, men like to build muscles, to make themselves look more manly.

This muscular guy, from South Korea, fitness has three years, but to build a body of muscle, fit body let him find his new love girlfriend, the two people are very happy together, when the guy like fitness, build a body of muscle, people look more mature and full of manliness.

I have to say that in recent years, more and more fitness people, because after fitness your body is getting better and better, your life is more harmonious, at the same time, after fitness your whole aura has increased a lot, people are more temperament.

In fact, this guy looks average, but after building a body of muscle, it obviously feels manly.

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