Female private parts health is very important, pay attention to some details can stay away from gyne

Women's physiological structure is special, such as the distance between the anus and the vagina is relatively close, so women are particularly prone to gynecological diseases, if women want to stay away from gynecological diseases, then we should focus on the private parts of the care, so that the private parts to maintain clean health, avoid bacterial breeding caused by the emergence of gynecological diseases.

Do not hold urine

Some women because of some reasons to develop the habit of often holding urine, such as work too busy or do not want to activity, which does not know that holding urine is a particular impact on health behavior, first of all will lead to increased pressure on the kidney and bladder, promote the occurrence of kidney stones and bladder stones to improve the probability, in addition to increase the chance of infection, eventually may cause some gynecological diseases, So women who want to stay away from gynecological diseases should avoid holding urine.

Change sanitary napkins frequently during menstrual period

Menstrual period is a special period for women, at this time if you do not pay attention to personal hygiene, it is easy to cause gynecological diseases, because when menstruation comes, the cervix is open, it is easy to cause bacterial invasion. Therefore, women in the menstrual period, in the use of sanitary napkins to be particularly careful, first of all to choose cotton sanitary napkins, in addition to timely replacement of sanitary napkins, it is recommended to replace a piece every one or two hours, otherwise it will only make private virgin unclean, increase the incidence of various gynecological diseases.

Change underwear in time

Women want to better care for the private parts, but also timely change underwear, it is recommended to change underwear every day, and change the underwear should be cleaned in time, and put in the sun for at least 6 hours, so as to play the role of sterilization and disinfection, avoid due to the underwear is not clean and lead to the health of the private parts affected, increase the incidence of gynecological diseases, In addition, every two months to buy new underwear.

Wash underwear separately from other clothing

You should also pay special attention when cleaning your underwear, which is an item that comes into direct contact with your private parts. When cleaning underwear to wash underwear with special soap for cleaning, and every once in a while to sterilize, in addition to underwear can not be washed together with other clothes, otherwise it will increase the incidence of gynecological diseases because of cross infection.

Don't eat spicy and greasy food

Want to better care of the private parts, usually diet should also pay special attention to, diet should be as light as possible, especially when menstruation comes, not only to eat light, but also eat less spicy greasy and cold food, these foods will cause stimulation to the private parts, not only will make menstrual volume increase or decrease, but also can cause private everywhere in the edema state, Increase the incidence of gynecological inflammation. It is recommended to eat some fresh fruits and vegetables during menstruation, which can not only supplement nutrition to the body, but also improve the immunity of patients, and ultimately can achieve the purpose of preventing gynecological diseases.

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