A lack of blood supply to the brain comes, and the face may make three cries for help

When it comes to brain insufficiency, how much do you know about it? The so-called insufficient cerebral blood supply refers to the lack of supply of a certain part of our brain, which causes brain dysfunction of a disease! Usually, the occurrence of this disease is mostly related to cerebral arteriosclerosis. If you have this disease, your face is likely to give off some signals. If you can grasp these signals in time, it can also help you to a certain extent early detection of the disease, so as to timely treatment, so as to avoid more serious impact on your body!

When the brain is short of blood supply, the face may make 3 "cries for help". Don't "look the other way".

The mouth is tilted and drooling

This one we should also be relatively easy to understand, suffering from insufficient blood supply to the brain, in charge of our body motor function of the nerve will appear malfunction symptoms, this time is usually manifested as mouth skew drooling! So if you suddenly appear this phenomenon, we should also consider whether you are suffering from the brain blood supply deficiency of this disease, only timely discovery of the disease, we can be timely treatment!

Facial spasm or pulsation

If you suffer from this disease of insufficient blood supply to the brain, then you may have some nerve abnormalities! At this time, similar symptoms will occur on your face, so if you find that your face is often numb, or is often beating symptoms, but also to pay attention to! Because many patients with insufficient cerebral blood supply may have these abnormal symptoms at the early stage, so we should find out as soon as possible, and go to the hospital for diagnosis and treatment as soon as possible!

Lip numbness

After suffering from insufficient blood supply to the brain, it may affect your sensory organs and sensory nerve fibers, usually manifested as numbness of the lips or numbness of the tongue! That if you have this kind of symptom, you should also consider whether you are suffering from the brain blood supply is insufficient this disease, so as to treat some of the disease for you!

After suffering from insufficient cerebral blood supply, it may bring some adverse effects on life and work, as well as physical and psychological effects on patients! Therefore, if you appear after the above 3 facial abnormalities, to timely go to the hospital for diagnosis and treatment, so as not to delay the best treatment time!

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