It's best not to do these 3 things right after your workout

Mark wiens


Many people's style of doing things is "no matter the end", think that a thing as long as the beginning smooth process can be achieved, but the end of the work is done exactly determines the final result. Fitness training is the same, the process of training is not difficult, as long as the action standard, reasonable intensity can achieve the purpose of effectively stimulating the muscles, but after the end of the fitness, what things are to do what is not to do, but a lot of people are unsure.

A complete and effective fitness must be finished from beginning to end. Although it is a humble exercise, the follow-up work should also be done, because it can improve the efficiency of fitness and muscle building. There are many details to pay attention to after fitness training. It is usually best not to do these three things immediately after training, especially the first one is often ignored by many people.

Drink protein powder the first time

It's estimated that more than half of all bodybuilders use protein powder after training, and some drink it before, but it's rare. In my opinion, the correct use of protein powder is to use it after fitness, but not to drink protein powder immediately after training. Many people think that drinking protein powder at the first time after training can make the body and muscles get protein supplement more timely. In fact, this is not the case, because the body is still in the state of exercise just after fitness. The protein powder is consumed by the body instead of being absorbed and converted. The best time to drink protein powder should be about half an hour after training, when the body is in urgent need of protein, which is also a point that many people tend to overlook.

Two, let the body temperature drop

High-intensity fitness exercises can make the body temperature rise in a very short time, not to mention in the case of continuous training for dozens of minutes, some bodybuilders are still steaming after the training rush into the bathroom, or run to the air conditioning to blow cool air, which can indeed make the body temperature drop, but this practice is highly undesirable, will affect the health of the body. The body temperature regulation function will therefore be maladjusted, it will also affect the decline of immune function, leading to a cold and fever is possible, the correct approach should be to let the body regulate its own temperature, and then take a bath and other work.

Three, immediately rest

Although an effective training is not long, it still lasts for dozens of minutes. In the process of iron lifting, the heart, lung and muscles of the body cooperate for a long time under certain pressure, and people will feel very tired. Many bodybuilders sit down and rest immediately after finishing the last set of movements, breathing heavily and sweating heavily. It's like the completion of some massive project.

When all training is stopped, the body has not received the instruction to stop high-intensity exercise, but the fitness training stops abruptly. Sitting down to rest even obstructs the blood flow back to the lower extremities, and the blood circulation is blocked. This is why some people feel dizzy immediately after taking a rest after exercising. Do some moderate muscle stretching exercises to not only cushion your body, but also relax your muscles after training.

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