Guidelines for Care of family members of people with mental illness

Mark wiens


When it comes to mental illness, we will feel very familiar, but there are a lot of people talking about its specific symptoms and examination methods can not be correctly listed, so there are a lot of misunderstandings for treatment, for patients with mental illness, a comprehensive examination is the key to treatment, so pay attention to do a good job of prevention and examination measures can not be ignored, here is a detailed introduction for you.

How to check for mental illness? Psychiatric examination should pay attention to the following points:

First, doctors usually need to have a detailed knowledge of a patient's medical history before conducting a psychiatric examination on the patient. At this point, the patient's family must provide an objective and detailed presentation of the patient's actual situation, including the patient's family history. Main illness, specific symptoms, diagnosis and treatment process, patient recovery, current treatment plan, etc. The doctor then usually talks to the patient alone to avoid interference from the patient's family and to enable the patient to truly express himself.

Second, there are many ways for psychiatrists to introduce psychiatric examinations. In clinical treatment, some psychiatric patients often do not show positive results in physical examination, neurological examination and laboratory examination. At this point, a psychiatric examination is required. A psychiatric examination usually involves talking to and observing the patient. Psychological testing is also an auxiliary means of examination to understand the psychological condition of patients.

Third, psychiatric examination can help doctors understand the course, extent and mental symptoms of mental disorders. There are many forms of psychiatric examination, which can be determined according to the patient's specific circumstances. Good communication skills are helpful for doctors to communicate with patients. During language communication, patients should pay attention to their expressions, actions, clothing, behavior patterns, etc., in order to understand their emotions, personality, intelligence and cultural level.

How should the family take care of the patient's life

First, get to know the patient, untangle the patient. During the occurrence of the disease, the patient will make some unreasonable behavior, which will make the family and members feel very wronged, and the patient will feel very guilty accordingly. At this point, he must explain to the other person, so that he can understand each other and take the initiative to communicate their feelings. Be prepared for a long and stable illness.

Second, to exercise the patient, to recover. Many people with schizophrenia need long-term consolidation therapy, so they need to stay in hospital for several months or more, and coupled with some of the side effects of taking antipsychotics, many patients always feel inadequate, easily fatigued, unfamiliar to the outside world, and afraid. Can not adapt to the future work and life. At this time, families should encourage patients to participate in various activities, such as doing some easy and safe work, to enrich patients' lives, and gradually cultivate their ability to adapt to society.

Third, take good care of patients. Family members must pay attention not to be superior in front of the patient, the patient's family must learn to be humble, warm, kind to the patient, do not discriminate, ridicule, make fun of the patient. In order to care for patients, we should not treat what we say or do during the illness as the content of a joke, so that they can feel trust and security.

The prevention and examination of mental illness is very important. I hope you can keep a good attitude towards life after reading the above introduction, exercise more at ordinary times, pay attention to maintain healthy living habits, and recover as soon as possible under the maintenance of the doctor and yourself. Here I also wish you a speedy recovery.

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