For both men and women, the bigger the two spots, the longer life may sneak up on you

Mark wiens


Health and longevity is the ultimate pursuit of everyone to the end of life. As for what kind of people are easy to live a long life, different people have different opinions. Some people believe that Taishanglao Jun and Maitreya Buddha are the representatives of longevity. But as we all know, this is just a symbolic statement of superstition, with no actual scientific theory to support it. Although this is not true, there are certain ways to judge a person's longevity. So how do we know if someone is going to live a long time? Let's take a look at some common traits that scientists have summarized for people who live longer.

1.Great hand strength

Some foreign researchers have found through experiments and surveys that among old people of the same age, people with strong hand strength, that is, strong grip strength, have better physical functions, relatively healthy organs and higher bone density, so naturally, they also live longer than those with less strength.

2. large lung capacity

Now in primary and secondary schools and even college students in the physical test, lung capacity as a must measure one of the items. That's because lung capacity is one of the indicators of how healthy a person is, and it's easy to measure. After trying to inhale, slowly breathe out the air in the stomach against the air outlet, you can get the corresponding lung capacity. In general, lung capacity is inversely proportional to people's age. The older people get, the lower their lung capacity. Therefore, if you maintain high lung capacity when you are old and prove that you are in good health, there is no need to worry about your longevity. But we should pay attention to the method of measuring vital capacity. Sometimes it is not because your vital capacity is not high, but the way you blow is wrong. Now there are a lot of relevant institutions take vital capacity as one of the evidence to detect human aging.

3. Slow heart rate

A healthy person with a slow heart rate will live longer than someone with a fast heart rate. This is because people with a slow heart rate have stronger hearts that pump more blood, and their hearts contract and diastole more easily, whereas people with a fast heart rate, trying to produce the same amount of blood, have to use more energy from the heart, which can cause heart damage over time and shorten life expectancy.

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