Please keep this skin-care and whitening guide

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It is said that a white hides a hundred ugly, many girls pursue whitening, and even buy whitening drink, beauty needle, whitening is a certain skill, in addition to daily skin care and maintenance, but also do a good job of sunscreen and food intake, here is a daily guide to whitening, please take good care of it.

If you are born with a dark skin tone, it is difficult to become white. If you want to make your skin white the day after tomorrow, you can prevent the formation of acquired stimulation of melanin, such as doing a good job of sunscreen and moisturizing, preventing melanin from the source. Melanin is not black, is a protein that exists at the bottom of everyone's skin, ultraviolet radiation will make melanin changes, so the sunscreen must be done.

Good sun protection is the first step

Instead of using expensive whitening essence, you should do a good job of protecting yourself from the sun. If you spend an hour in the sun, all the whitening essence will be gone. Use both an umbrella and sunscreen. Umbrella and mask effect is better and more safe, after all, some sunscreen effect sunscreen intensity generally need to be regularly reapplied, once forgotten or easy to tan ha.

Daily maintenance and hydration

Have you found that if you go to the beauty salon to do some deep hydrating projects or after applying the mask at home, the skin will shine a lot, this is the effect of hydrating, if the skin water, cell vitality or greatly reduced, the absorption capacity of nutrients from the outside is weak, the skin looks darker, skin water is very important, can be a small number of times to apply lotion, I generally use different brands of superposition lotion, but also dedicated to regular mask care, moisturizing essence, regular wet compress and other methods.

Especially dry skin must do a good job of water, otherwise whitening ingredients are not easy to be absorbed. Dry skin in the use of skin care products can choose moist type, you can choose some essence water to moisturize the skin.

Use power products - Use whitening products

Among all skin care products, whitening essence has better whitening effect. You can apply some whitening essence for whitening and brightening skin. sk2 light bulb and lamer whitening essence are recommended for whitening essence.

It's also good to use a whitening essence as a base before applying the mask.

Choose whitening products and use them in sets. For example, Dike and Shiseido have a series of whitening products, which have better effects when used together.

Supplement with fruits and vegetables that have whitening effects

In addition to external products, you can eat some fruits and vegetables with whitening effect, such as tomatoes, kiwi, cucumber, a tomato a day, tomatoes can absorb a lot of vitamin C and antioxidants. Kiwifruit is also high in vitamin C, which helps to whiten the skin, as well as vitamin E, which improves the antioxidant capacity of the skin. Cucumbers replenish moisture and make skin smoother, and some brands go straight for the cucumber mask because of this effect.

Eat more fruit, strawberry, orange, grapefruit effect is also good.

Adjust your sleep schedule

11pm to 2am is the best time for skin self-repair, irregular work and rest will produce dark circles, enlarged pores, dull skin phenomenon, so early to bed and early to rise will make skin look better. You can take care of your skin before going to bed, when the skin care products absorb best.

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