How does ordinary person ability whole body whitening, small method teaches you

Mark wiens


Whitening and moisturizing should be natural, and the amount of pigment in each person's skin is determined by genetics.

There are two kinds of UV damage to the skin: one is immediate damage - sun burns and tanning; The other is long-term damage -- sun spots and hyperpigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles that can lead to skin cancer. Therefore, daily UV protection is one of the important measures of skin care.

Because of the traditional beauty concept of "one white hides three ugly", Asian women's pursuit of whitening never stops just like human's pursuit of light. Gouache rouge is almost a necessary product for every adult woman, and there are a whole series of whitewash families such as concealer, foundation, loose powder, makeup powder and powder cake to whitewash whitening and peace. In fact, whitening is like a cure, the symptoms are not as good as the root, only the internal skin conditioning, in order to solve the impact of whitening culprit - melanin.

Melanin is a protein found in the basal layer of everyone's skin. Ultraviolet light causes changes in melanin, which produces a protective substance. Melanin then travels through the layers of cellular metabolism to the skin's epidermis, where it forms the skin problems we see in patches and uneven skin tone.

Therefore, whitening is also a care project from the inside out. First of all, choose a set of suitable for their own whitening products, because the whitening ingredients are different, so theoretically it is best to use the same brand of the same series of products, so as to prevent the adverse reactions of different whitening ingredients conflict with each other. More whitening products on the market are based on niacinamide as the main component, can help the skin to inhibit and regulate the transfer of melanin, and reduce the formed spots.

In addition to choosing whitening products, it is important to start with external protection against UV rays, to take good care of the sun throughout the year, to use sunscreen whether you work indoors or outdoors, and to be sure to wear a sun umbrella and UV protective sunglasses when you are outdoors in the hot summer.

With the improvement of living standards. We need not only face whitening, but also body whitening, body whitening. People who love beauty always have a bigger pursuit of their own skin color, men pursue bronzer, and women of course want white Zhan skin, so now cosmetics are more inclined to skin whitening. If God gave you the chance to choose your own skin color, would you prefer white or yellow skin, 80% of girls would probably say emphatically choose white choose white the whiter the better. As the saying goes, a white cover a hundred ugly women all over the world in the pursuit of whitening on the road, never stopped. So today we're going to show you a few ways to make it easy.

The whole body white small trick, we prepare 5 grains of vitamin, c to crush it and add the right amount of body wash, a spoonful of honey, stir evenly, daub in the whole body can, white on the remaining time problem, adhere to more than a month.

Eat vitamin C, vitamin E, glutathione, trantranic acid, this kind of daily drugs can inhibit the formation of reducing pigment melanin, it can help you from the inside out of the whole body to whitening, in fact, the combination of these several drugs, that is, we often hear of whitening needle, but not recommended to the body inside, we recommend oral, oral safer.

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