In addition to whitening skin care, it is also important for women to address these five skin tone i

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Every time we talk about skin color, most of the topics start with whitening and brightening, and many of us for the definition of skin color, also tend to be white and bright.

In fact, skin color is not only white, and we want to improve skin color, not only whitening skin care. There are many reasons that affect skin color, and the definition of good skin and skin color is not only white.

So what are the skin color issues? We observe this kind of skin care products on the market, will find that they have whitening, yellow, light spots and so on, are to solve the problem of skin color, but the focus of the role is not quite the same.

In addition to whitening skin care, it is also important for women to address these 5 skin tone issues. I hope today's content will help you know more about the way to improve skin care.

The first thing we need to know is that there is a limit to how much we can lighten our skin. A very simple way to judge is to look at the skin color of the front chest, forearm memory, which is basically the upper line of our skin tone.

Now let's talk more about how to effectively solve the problem of different skin colors.

Poor skin permeability

In short, the skin is rough, looks uneven feeling, and the skin is not bright enough, appear a lot of dark skin.

Most of these skin color problems are caused by the accumulation of keratin on the skin surface. The slow metabolism of keratin will not only cause the appearance of dull skin tone, but also prone to pore problems such as mouth closing acne over a long period of time.

The solution to these problems is simple: speed up exfoliation.

So among the corresponding skin care methods, the effect of using acid skin care products is relatively significant. When choosing acids for relatively fragile skin, almond acid, lactic acid, mandelic acid and so on can be given priority.

Pale yellow skin

The more commonly known cause of a dark yellowish complexion is oxidation and glycation of the skin, but in addition to this, the accumulation of oil in the skin is also responsible for the yellowish complexion.

The oil accumulates in large quantities on the surface of the skin and oxidizes in contact with the air, turning from transparent to yellow. Sticking on the skin will naturally change the skin tone.

Solutions to such problems: oil control, antioxidant and saccharification.

Oily skin usually pay attention to oil control skin care, and we all need to pay attention to antioxidant saccharification skin care in our daily skin care. This is not only to improve the complexion, but also to maintain the health of the skin to a large extent. When choosing skin care products, consider VC, tea polyphenols, ergothione and other ingredients.

The skin has an uneven complexion

When the facial skin pores are relatively thick, and the skin surface has black brown acne mark residual, we can feel the skin by naked eye dark 0.5 to 1 tone. Especially when the skin surface color accumulation too much, will seriously affect the overall skin color performance.

The solution to this problem is to accelerate keratin metabolism and chromatin metabolism.

For dark brown acne mark, they have appeared in the skin surface melanin deposition phenomenon, this time the use of whitening skin care ingredients is more useful.

We can choose to niacinamide based whitening skin care products. In addition, you can also directly try A-alcohol skin care products, which are more effective in speeding up skin metabolism.

The skin darkens after sunburn

Uv stimulation to the skin will cause melanin accumulation in the skin in a short time. At this time, we need to pay special attention to strengthen the sunscreen or avoid UV rays as much as possible to prevent the skin from being sunburned.

On this basis, 72 hours after sun exposure is the golden recovery period. We can take a skin care way to relieve the redness first, to help relieve the discomfort of the skin's red heat, and then whitening skin care. Choose whitening skin care ingredients, you can consider niacinamide, acid and so on.

Trying to reach the skin color limit

If there is no skin color problem above, just want to get as close to the skin color ceiling as possible, then we will play a set of "one-two punch" in whitening skin care. That's what we call the whitening pathway. The skin care products used have a complete whitening pathway, which is a more effective skin care program.

The formation of melanin in the skin goes through three steps: activation and synthesis in the early stage, transport in the middle stage, and accumulation in the late stage.

So when we choose products, we can accurately hit these aspects to achieve the purpose of blocking melanin in the whole channel. At present, there are a wide variety of full-path whitening skin care products on the market. People should evaluate the selection according to their own skin characteristics and skin condition.

Finally, Koala would like to remind everyone that if you have a skin color problem, but at the same time, the skin condition is too fragile, the barrier function is weak, thin cuticle and other problems, must first improve the skin barrier, then try to improve the skin color problem.

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