Scientific whitening strategy, help you develop cold white skin

Mark wiens


First, facial whitening

1. Skincare

Basic skin care, to wipe water, essence, milk, cream, keep the face moisture and nutrition, basic skin care do not do, and often stay up late, skin will only pigmentation skin dark yellow, accelerated aging.

2. Sunscreen

All the year round to do a good job of sunscreen, whether cloudy or rainy, indoor should be covered with sunscreen, the amount of sunscreen must not be saved, each coin size, UV is the skin darkening, dark yellow, accelerate the aging culprit.

3. Hydrating

Face hydration Oh, you can apply a mask or do spa at night, the number of times is not too much good ~

4. Tune in

Drink more lemon water, eat tomatoes, tomatoes can also antioxidant, can be appropriate oral some safe and reliable whitening products, but do not be cheap to choose that kind of three no products yo ~

5. Habits

Don't stay up late! Sleep before 11 o 'clock. If you stay up late, your skin will be dull and you will be bald

Two, body whitening

1. Internal text

Focus on eating blueberries, strawberries, lemons, tomatoes are the best anti-acidification whitening food, juice super good drink white life water!

2. Exterior coating

Scrub + body Lotion, very necessary! Horny accumulation coated what is not good absorption! After exfoliating, the pores of the whole body are opened, and then apply the body lotion skin super tender and smooth.

3. Most important sun protection

Hard Sunscreen > Soft sunscreen, sunscreen no matter how expensive, reapply no matter how often, are not as exposed to the skin.

Physical sunscreen: Sun umbrella + hat + mask + sunscreen clothing

Chemical sunscreen: The choice of sunscreen, both effective sunscreen and choose the right one.

Daily habits: To get white, drink plenty of water, go to bed early, get up early, eat fruits high in VC, use whitening products and remember to protect yourself from the sun.

Three, lip whitening

1. Sunscreen on your lips

Be careful to reapply on your lips as you may run out of sunscreen when you wipe your mouth or drink water!!

2. Remove makeup from lips

Gently treat the skin around the lip, it is best to use special eye and lip makeup remover oh ~

3. Bad habits

Get rid of the lip filling habit, drink plenty of water, wear lipstick, and wipe your mouth immediately after eating.

4. Break out and get hurt

Lip have wound acne do not pick, otherwise it will leave scar, at the same time do a good job of sun protection, avoid direct exposure to the wound.

5 Brush too much foam

When brushing your teeth, pay attention not to brush bubbles all over your face. Long-term contact with toothpaste ingredients around your lips will cause a lot of unnecessary trouble.

Four, whitening skills

1. Exfoliate properly and regularly

Exfoliating can improve skin tone, both on the face and body, but don't overdo it and take care to protect yourself from the sun after use

2. Moderate exercise

Regular daily exercise will help your skin provide more nutrients, improve blood circulation, and give your skin a rosy glow over time.

3. Get enough sleep

Blood flows to the skin faster at night, and the blood circulation that develops during sleep keeps the skin looking young. Go to bed by 11 PM at the latest.

4. Use antioxidant skin care products

If you want to keep your skin from getting dull, you can also eat antioxidant foods, take grape seeds internally, but don't buy three no products

5. Take care of your stomach and intestines

Can not be absorbed into the food, lack of nutrition, these will be shown in the face, the skin sallow, lack of luster and spirit, so we must protect the stomach, can also supplement some intestinal probiotics.

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