Teeth whitening should not be overdone

Mark wiens


Anti-sensitive toothpastes mainly reduce sensitivity by blocking dentin tubules or reducing the sensitivity of nerve fibers.

Most of them reduce sensitivity by blocking the dentin tubules and inhibiting the flow of fluid in them. Others, such as those containing potassium, reduce the activity of dentine sensory nerve fibres to block pain transduction and thus act as anti-sensitivities.

Whitening toothpaste, according to different principles can be divided into two kinds, physical whitening and chemical whitening. Physical whitening is mainly to add some physical friction agents in the paste, such as calcium carbonate, calcium hydrogen phosphate, silica hydrate or aluminum hydroxide, strengthen the friction with the surface of the teeth, rub off the color stains on the surface of the teeth.

There are also chemical whitening toothpastes, which basically add peroxide to the paste, kind of like bleaching. However, the content of peroxide should be within the safe permissible range. If the content is too high, it may cause certain damage to the teeth.

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