Cancelled Without Prejudice(CWOP) Stamp on US Visa Meaning

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Cancelled Without Prejudice(CWOP) Stamp on US Visa Meaning

Cancelled Without Prejudice(CWOP) Stamp on US Visa Meaning

One of the things that may happen to you, after you attend aUS Visainterview is to get a stamp of Cancelled without Prejudice (CWOP) on your previous US Visa stamp. You may get it on valid or expired visas in your passport for visa categories like F1 Visa, B1/B2 Visitor Visa, or even work visa like H1B or L1 visa. Also, sometimes, some CBP officers may write it on your expired visas, when you are exiting the US. We cover all details related to that stamp, including samples and common FAQs

What is Cancelled without Prejudice(CWOP) on US Visa?

Impact of having a Cancelled without prejudice stamp

Sample Cancelled Without Prejudice(CWOP) Stamps

What is Cancelled without Prejudice(CWOP) on US Visa?

As per theOfficial US Department of State Reference website, Cancelled Without Prejudice(CWOP) is defined as: Cancelled Without Prejudice is a stamp the US Consulate or Embassy puts on a visa when there is a mistake in the visa or the visa is a duplicate visa(two of the same kind). It does not really affect the validity of other visas in the passport. It does not mean the passport holder will not get another visa

Basically, it means that CWOP is usually stamped or written on a US Visa to indicate a clerical error or a mistake in the issued US visa or if there is a duplicate visa of the same type on the passport or some other similar reason. We will look at this in more detail in the below sections.

Below are some of the common reasons anyone can get a Cancelled Without Prejudice (CWOP) stamp or text on their US Visa.

When you got for US Visa Stamping at an Embassy or US Consulate, sometimes, the US Visa or Consular Officer may put a stamp as in the below image that says Cancelled without prejudice (CWOP) on your valid or expired US visa that is already on your passport.

For example, if you had an F1 visa valid and you went for an H1B Visa stamping, then the Visa officer may put the stamp Cancelled Without Prejudice on your Valid F1 visa and then issue an H1B visa for you. This could also be stamped in any other visa type such as a previous H1B visa, B1/B2 Visa, etc.

See the below screenshot of the CWOP Stamped on an F1 Visa, when I went for H1B Visa stamping.

Sometimes, when you are exiting the US, at the airport, or at any other land post, the CBP officer ( Sometimes TSA officers too) may check your passport and may scribble/write CWOP on it. This is not a very common situation, but recently starting from early 2022, many users have reported that they are getting CWOP written on an expired Visa stamp in their passport at Seattle Airport. It looks like in the below screenshot.

You may experience this at any airport or any border checkpoint when you are exiting the country, where you see CBP officers or TSA officers. This is also done to ensure that the passport holder needs to get a new visa to re-enter the US. There is no other reason for this.

As per US State Department, you would get a Cancelled without prejudice stamp on your US Visa, if there is any mistake on your visa or if the visa is considered a duplicate.  This can happen anytime either when you apply for a new visa or when someone like CBP identifies the same.

You may get a CWOP stamp on a US visa if the validity has expired( meaning not valid anymore). The key reason for putting this stamp is to ensure that the visa in it is not usable in the future and the passport holder needs to get a new US Visa to re-enter the US.

If your passport or US Visa is damaged, including the US visa foil on the passport did not stick out well, then the Visa officer at the consulate could put the CWOP stamp. This is done to ensure that the US Visa is not used for fraud or manually glued somewhere else in another passport by the applicant. The US Consular officer would ask you to submit a new passport to issue a new US Visa.

Below are the details about the impact of the CWOP Stamp or text on a US visa in your passport.

If you get the Cancelled without prejudice (CWOP) stamp on an old expired US Visa, it does not really affect the validity of the other US visas on your passport.

It does not impact your general US Visa or US entry profile.

It does not impact your future of applying for any US Visa.

You may be in a panic when the CBP officer or someone at US Consulate puts this CWOP stamp on your visa. It has no bearing or impact on your profile or your future ability to get a visa. It is not the same as Visa Revocation, so do not worry.

The CWOP stamp in an expired or old US visa in your passport has no impact on your dropbox eligibility. You can submit your documents for Dropbox stamping, even with the CWOP Stamp. There is confusion at the VAC centers, where the USTravelDocs personnel are not aware of this and sometimes reject the dropbox submission saying that the applicant cannot submit documents for dropbox.

Few of the community users reported that they faced this issue during the dropbox submission, but eventually spoke to the higher officers and were able to submit the documents. Also, for those who were not able to submit, the US Consular officer clarified to the applicants saying that the CWOP stamp does not impact the Dropbox eligibility and it was a pure mistake at the VAC Center.

CWOP is not the same as US Visa being Cancelled for other reasons. CWOP is more clerical and does not has the same effect as US Visa being Cancelled. If it is canceled, it would sayCancelled with Prejudice, meaning it was done intentionally due to the passport holder breaking the immigration law. The VAC folks are confused by seeing the word Cancelled in CWOP and rejecting dropbox submissions. So, if you get turned away, explain them and ask to speak to an officer. If you are unlucky, you may end up going for an in-person appointment. But, do not panic, it has no impact.

As a note of caution, if you have a CWOP stamp, then email the US Consulate or Embassy beforehand and get an email confirmation from them that you can submit the documents for dropbox. This way you avoid the hassle of submission. Also, not sure, if this is possible, you may request the CBP officer as well not to write CWOP on the expired visa.

Below are common samples of the stamp cancelled without prejudice, it can have any kind of font or look, but the text is what matters. Sometimes, the officers may just write with pen as well, so do not be worried.

No, it does not. The visa type does not matter for the stamp. The stamp is just put by the Visa officer if they feel it is a duplicate or another category of visa is given to the individual.  It does not affect you.

No, it will not. It does not impact your ability to get a new visa or impact you as an individual. It is given for administrative reasons to indicate wrong ones with errors, either old or duplicate visas that are not usable anymore.

No, your visa was not denied or rejected by the visa officer, if they put a stamp that says cancelled without prejudice . You do not have to indicate anything on the DS-160 form during the US visa application process.

No, having this stamp does not mean your previous visa was refused.

No, you are eligible for Dropbox with the CWOP stamp. It is pure confusion by the VAC personnel, so speak to them and clarify.

What was your experience with CWOP? Share your thoughts and experiences in the comments section below.

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Other Articles38 CommentsDarshitDecember 21, 2022 at 11:57 am

My B1/B2 visa got cancelled at port of entry abu dhabi as i was engeged in unauthorised work in usa in my previous. As i was not aware with that so officer asked me what you did in last entry and i said true. I was worked 2 months. He said you can not work on B1/B2, and they cencelled my visa with red pen. But they allow me to withrow my applicaiton for admission into USA. So it will be worried for me next.

Right now i am spouse of us citizen and got approval. Me waiting for my interview call. It will a problem to get immigrant visa?

Sorry to hear about your situation. Depending on what you signed on that day when your visa was revoked, it could have an impact for sure. It is a complicated situation. You should talk to an attorney and sort this out.

They given me chance and signed Withdrawal of application for admission. I seen that meaning in google ( a withdrawal of application for admission does not create a bar to future entry )

I got a B1/B2 Visa in 2012 for 5 years. expired on 2017. On 2018 I applied for the same visa. I get rejected. the officer stamped Cancelled without prejudice on the expired visa.

Now I need to apply and there is a question on the application form. Do you have a cancelled visa ? what shall I write?

Well, your visa was not technically cancelled, it was cancelled after the expiration just as CWOP, so it does not count towards cancellation.

I had my B1/B2 visa that expired in 2020 but never travelled to US. Now I am applying for H1B. In the US travel docs, I did answer as below.

1) Do you have a previous U.S. visa in any visa class issued on or after your 14th birthday?

2)Was your prior visa annotated Clearance Received or Department Authorization?

3)Was your most recent U.S. visa lost, stolen, canceled, revoked, or marked CWOP?

what should I answer for this question. If I answer as NO, its giving me eligible for Dropbox. Does visa expire comes under cancelled and should I give YES.

No, your visa was not cancelled. You qualify for dropbox, if you had any previous visa.

I and my wifes B1,B2 visa was cancelled with a red pen and wasnt indicated with or without prejudice.. We were advised to withdraw our application and ask to go back home to reapply. Its been 5 years now. Is it possible for it to be reinstated and how do I go about it.. Thanks as I await response.

It depends on the reason you had that written. If it does not say without prejudice, it can be tricky. If you were sent back at port of entry, there could be some issue. It is best to speak to an attorney.

I am working on the cruise ships and last contract I resigned and officer arked my visa with CWOP. Now need to apply again and I am worried if this will have any influence on my application.

It will not have any impact on it. Just do no worry and apply for it.

My passport was returned to me with hand written note that sais CWOP and they always give a 221g paper, can I have some explanation please Im not clear at all

My f1 visa was cancelled by CBP at port of entry, they only write with red marker cancelled by CBP, no with or without prejudice and asked me to withdraw application and apply again, my sevis was mistakenly terminated by the university but after I returned to my country they activated the sevis now I am trying to get new visa but they gave men 214b rejection and visa officer didnt even asked about the reason of my deportation

Sorry to hear about your situation. Your situation is difficult and you should talk to an attorney.

Can anyone provide the consulate email address to reach out due to the issue from CWOP? The traveldocs people dont seem to respond properly!

Did you get any response from the consulate regarding CWOP ?

Can anyone provide the consulate email address to reach out due to the issue from CWOP? The traveldocs people dont seem to respond properly!

214 b twice because I gave my interview twice. Does this mean they my SEVIS and visa status is deactivated now ? I can not continue my studies anymore ? Cant marry my bf in US ?

The CWOP has no bearing or impact for your future visa applications.

I have a B1/B2 visa for the USA. On March 21, 2022, I tried to depart from Delhi to NYC, however, due to an emergency, I could not fly out of Delhi.

At the immigration checkpoint, the officer placed a stamp on my passport: canceled without prejudice.

Upon research, that stamp is usually placed on the Visa page, however, mine was placed on a blank passport page; it was placed on top of the D2-015 Immigration stamp.

A friend of mine told me that during immigration checkpoints (at the time of flying) two different entry stamps are pasted, however, since I couldnt fly due to an unforeseen emergency, the canceled without prejudice stamp was placed on top of D2-015 stamp to indicate that the passenger will not be flying.

According to Google, a canceled without prejudice stamp is usually placed (on the VISA page in the passport) when canceling a valid visa, however, that did not happen in my case.

canceled without prejudice stamp was placed on top of the D2-015 immigration stamp.

I wanted to know if my B1/B2 Visa is still valid. Can you please check the status and let me know.

I am not familiar with the D2-015 stamp. What is that related to? Why was it put on your passport in the first place?

In general, as long your B1/b2 visa does not have any marking on it, you are good to use the same.

I had a Dropbox scheduled at Delhi today and didnt realise their was a CWOP marked on my expired H1B visa by a CBP officer when I visited them for Global Entry interview. He had said your visa is expired, get a new stamp when coming into US next time but I didnt realize he wrote CWOP. Today at Dropbox Delhi, the VAC staff said your visa is cancelled and you should schedule an interview. I requested them to look into the details and they said the manager also looked into this and we cannot do anything. But it is really hard to get the dates again. What should I do?

Frankly, they should accept your application. It is really frustrating to hear that the staff at front desk have no clue. You should write to consulate and then get their inputs, hopefully they give you clarity.

Now on US Travel Docs, they have modified the question which asks whether your canceled or lost to include CWOP. The new question text is Was your most recent U.S. visa lost, stolen, canceled, revoked, or marked CWOP?.. essentially meaning they have formalized this stance If the last visa is CWOP, you would not be eligible for dropbox.

How did you handle the situation? Were you able to get new dates for in person or drop box?

What did you do at the end? Cant they help you schedule an interview in such cases?

My F1 visa was stamped Cancelled without Prejudice. How to answer has your US visa ever been cancelled or revoked in the DS-160 form? Answer Yes or No?

The question you see is not related to Cancelled without prejudice. That only corresponds to cases where it says Canceled with Prejudice or due to fraud. If you have CWOP, it does not count as cancelled or revoked.

Is this information there on an official page?

Yes. The above article has all the links to the official page, you can check.

It happened to me exactly same, during F1 visa interview, us officer wrote CWOP on my B1 visa & refused to give me F1 visa. I dont know what next step i take

Did you get 214(b) ? What did the consular officer say or give to you in terms of reason ?

Nothing, i didnt even received any rejection or refusal letter that usually all applicants get

You can email the consulate and get it clarified. You would be given a form, when you exited the interview. If it is 214(b), then it means you had immigrant intent, so they could technically do that as that is also a non-immigrant visa without dual intent.

During h1b interview us officer wrote cwop on my B1 visa and h1b visa refused due to missing documents. Im appearing for h4 dependent visa now. Does it have any impact

Well, hard to say. Usually, it should not have any impact, unless it was done due to fraud. Usually they wont reject H1B for missing documents, they will issue RFE and then ask for it.

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