'Home-sharing' in Britain as Cost of Living rises

Mark wiens


As winter sets in, Britons are looking for ways to ease financial pressure by sharing their homes. A recent survey by rental website SpareRoom found that 90 percent of homeowners who have rented out their home said they were considering looking for a tenant again to spread out the rising cost of living, the Guardian reported Tuesday.

"We expect to see more users in the fall, when the weather starts to get colder and higher energy prices have a more direct impact on people's lives," said a spokesman for the site. A lot more people will consider taking on lodgers to help with living costs than we expected." Separately, SpareRoom said this July had the highest number of new user registrations on record. And searches for "inclusive bills" -- meaning tenants don't have to pay extra for things like utilities on top of rent -- increased 260 percent from March to August. A couple who own a large house said they would like to invite both parents to stay with them so they can keep warm while reducing energy consumption.

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