How boring is it to live in Canada?

Mark wiens


Some people are afraid of Canada when they immigrate. Because friends who have moved on tend to convey two characteristics of Canada: one is cold, the other is boring.

The combination of these two feelings is like a shower of cold water on your head. "Lonely and cold" seems to be the norm in the second half of life.

And the truth is: there are no boring places, only boring souls. Some people like the hustle and bustle. Bar, theater, barbecue, karaoke, chess and cards... Some people like the bustle of nature. Rock climbing, surfing, cycling, picnics, skiing...

Canada is large and sparsely populated, winter accounts for most of the year, and most people are also family as the core. So here, you really need to completely forget the domestic forms of entertainment, to establish new forms of entertainment, or to re-establish the understanding of entertainment.

Learn to enjoy the good mountains and the good water, won't feel so lonely.

We were all pushed to grow up. Being urged every day. From getting up, catching the bus, finishing school and work, getting married and having children... When these are gone, we may not know how to live.

In another culture, you have a chance to rediscover yourself and the world.

Canada has a lot of money, tall, short and thin is not a problem, age will not be a limit to your life. So this "lonely, lonely", is not pathetic. You can finally take the time to face yourself instead of the easy escape you used to find through recreation.

With enough diversity in your environment and culture, you don't have to follow suit or prove anything to others. You can roll, you can draw ugly pictures, you can make bad cakes, you can try the impossible.

A friend in Canada said that after adjusting to never feel lonely. But I feel very lonely in the bustling city of Beijing. It was noisy, but I just didn't feel like any of the sounds were related to me.

There are two practical antidotes to this mindset: language and a driver's license. Driver's license is not to mention, in Canada without a car, life and work will be very restricted.

In addition to the current Canadian immigration policy, the good is obvious, but the pertinence is also obvious. At present, only federal self-employment does not need to provide English scores, which means that without two consecutive years of self-employment experience in the field of culture and sports, and can not provide English scores, Canada can be said to spend money to go.

After successful login, even if many Chinese, in some cases can also barrier-free life, but the quality of life will not be too high. And language is an effective tool for opening up new worlds, helping you read, communicate, work, and understand local cultures.

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