Queen of Spain chic work style, plaid elements are very advanced

Mark wiens


Spain's Queen Letizia is a walking workplace wearing textbook, not only crisp, and each set of modeling highlights personal style. Whether affordable Zara or haute couture dress, under her control, all show extraordinary charm.

Black and white plaid lace up bow shirt + black leather skirt, not very workplace style? Pointy patent leather high heels to become a fashionable person, just right waist pinching design, highlighting the perfect figure.

With her hair cut short, Queen Letizia, though there are flashes of white hair, does not affect the aura around her. The firmness under her bright eyes makes her destined for something special. Simple and clean black and white matching, spirit clean makeup, are her daily style.

The relationship between Queen Letizia and the king has been stable, although both of them are getting older, but in terms of appearance level is still very much in tune.

Queen Letizia, who preferred plaid elements, also wore wool plaid tops, some casual but no lack of formal wear, the same black and white, less aggressive, looking gentle but sophisticated.

Workplace tyle simple dark blue dress, with black pointy heels, doesn't it look very urban beauty feel? Her beauty is irresistible even when she wears a mask. Her slim waist and long legs are her advantages, so she likes to wear the right amount of clothes.

Chest-burgundy dress +PVC pointy high-heeled shoes, let people can't help but be drunk in her charm, chic tailoring can reflect her different, and the design sense of first-class style neat and easy, out of the runway supermodel attitude?

A family's aesthetic is to be neat and tidy, Queen Letizia not only her own aesthetic superiority, the two daughters of the sense of dress is also from childhood training. Simple black dress, big princess socialite style, little princess fashion style, even black single shoes are carefully prepared in accordance with the style, such details you get?

Mature style with a touch of fashion leisure, although it is a mix and match style, but from the styling of the family can always see the sense of harmony to ~

Simple and crisp white suit, wide leg pants elegant design, polka dot blouse collocation in the inside of the refreshing, always can match the style of Queen Letizia, the aesthetic is really superior.

The same plaid element, to become formal here, slightly loose fine plaid suit, white inside a simple match, always use some classic style to wear out of their own style, as if it is born with their own magic ~

The orange princess sleeve blouse is rich in color and exquisite, and the silk is gorgeous and feminine. Black and white leopard print element half skirt necessary in the workplace, black pointed shoes to enhance the overall fashion degree, have to say that she is really walking workplace textbook.

Queen Letizia of Spain chic work style, have you learned?

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