A message in a bottle was found 21 years later in the UK and dropped by a six-year-old Canadian girl

Mark wiens


A message in a bottle found on a beach in the Atlantic Ocean for 21 years was thrown by a six-year-old girl in the Bahamas, a British man has said.

Canadian girl leaves green glass bottle on vacation

Crispin Benton, a worker at Cornwall City Council, was out for a walk when he spotted a green glass container with a stopper on the beach, The Sun reported.

He said: "I picked it up and then I thought 'oh my God, there's a message in there' and got a bit excited. The bottle was jammed tight and I had to pull it out." He opened it and found a note inside.

Although the note looks old, the writing on it is very clear. It was written by a little girl, her name was Anna, and her age and address were noted -- "6 years old, Canada." She also said she was on vacation in the Bahamas in June 2001, around the time the bottle was dropped.

The old address became an industrial area, and the man wanted to find her

The girl wrote a message: "Please don't pollute, thank you." She ended by including her address in Canada and asking the person who found the bottle to write back. She then threw the bottle into the sea.

Her message in a bottle traveled at least 4,200 miles, the Sun said. Crispin searched for the girl's address, but the area is now an industrial area. He hopes to alert the girl, who is now about 27, to the discovery of her note through social media.

Crispin said: "It's amazing that someone else wrote this note over 20 years ago and now I've found it. What is she doing now?"

Another said: "She wrote 'Please don't pollute' on the note. What about throwing bottles into the sea? But she was young at the time, so I could understand."

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