British brand Universal Colours: To achieve women's equal rights to fashion wearing in cycling

Mark wiens


London-based fashion cycling clothing brand Universal Colours has caused a stir in the global cycling and fashion circles since its first collection was launched in 2020. The overall design has been unanimously recognized by the market because of its diverse color style and unique fashion aesthetic feeling. And fashion originality, durability, desexualization, and sustainable environmental protection as the core brand thinking.

The design and tailoring of Universal Colours breaks the traditional cycling dress style and draws inspiration from high fashion, street wear and outdoor single products. Examples include Rapha, Paul Smith, Noah, Patagonia, etc.

For William Hurd, the chief designer of Universal Colours, they wanted to build a brand with fashionable cycling spirit from the very beginning, rather than follow others' fast fashion products. Because they have always believed that great brands are not just about superior products, but about having a spiritual story and values that are worth sharing with others.

Especially "values" for many advanced users, they are now more and more important, this is the brand thinking and users in the spirit of the important connection point. So even though some cycling teams and professional riders have good results, Universal Colours will not cooperate with them because of moral problems.

Universal Colours usually uses a large number of sustainable environmental protection fabrics for design, just to protect the environment, and improve the welfare standard of employees, just hope that everyone can work happily. Secondly, in the design of women's clothing, the same high standards and aesthetic requirements are used.

From the observation of cycling market in recent years, more and more cycling enthusiasts began to refuse to wear shoddy cycling clothing. They would rather spend a higher price to buy a high-end cycling piece which integrates sustainable materials and fashion design, while Universal Colours just meets this popular demand.

When the first season series of the brand was just launched, all the products were sold out within a few weeks, which also indicated the success of Universal Colours' market prediction. No matter from the design, technology, material, etc., for male and female riders have a common attraction.

For Universal Colours, one of their initial goals is to make cycling clothes and other fashion and street clothes can be entered into the same high-end shopping shops, rather than just hanging in the cycling shops. Therefore, at the time of design, we should have a keen observation for the most cutting-edge popular style thinking.

In order to avoid being influenced by traditional cycling clothing design styles, they will also learn a lot of design thinking from non-cycling brands in addition to ensuring all professional functions. In addition, as one of the world's top cities, London can see the birth of many new brands almost every month, whether it is fashion, cycling, products, furniture, lighting and so on. Everyone's different trendy designs also provided endless inspiration for Universal Colours.

Designing cycling clothes in winter is a bigger test for brands than in summer. On the one hand, not too thick to affect the movement, secondly in thin and warm at the same time, but also to meet the needs of function and fashion.

For this reason, Universal Colours carried out a lot of research on all kinds of top technology fabrics in the market, just to achieve the balance of sustainable environmental protection and performance.

From the consumption data, the sales volume of women's wear is usually greater than that of men's wear. But when it comes to sports technology, men's sportswear dominates. Universal Colours hopes that their arrival can break this phenomenon, so that all female riders can enjoy high quality riding clothes and remove the commercial bondage of gender. This move has indeed won them a large number of female riders.

Universal Colours always thinks that as a cycling enthusiast, we will consume many products every day. But it is advisable to avoid the "buy cheaper, buy more" mentality. Because riding clothes are the extension expression of riders' external aesthetics and personality, good riding clothes not only bring us fashionable shapes and functional experience.

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